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absorb (oneself) in (something)

To occupy or preoccupy oneself completely with activity or pursuit. Greg absorbed himself in video games every day after school. I wanted to impress Juliet, so I absorbed myself in music by her favorite band. Sorry, what did you say? I guess I had absorbed myself in my painting.
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absorb (someone or something) in(to) (something)

1. To integrate someone or something into a new environment or situation. At least the new company has been able to absorb all of the old employees into its corporate structure. Are they going to absorb our rental agreement into the new contract? Do you think our rent will go up? With this merger, they're going to absorb our company into theirs, but thankfully they're giving long-term employees a chance to retire.
2. To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. The paper towel quickly absorbed the liquid into itself. It's a new sponge, so it's pretty stiff, but it will absorb soap and water into it no problem. The drops of food coloring were quickly absorbed in the fluffy cake.
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absorb (something) with (something)

To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. I had to absorb the water from the overflowing toilet with large towels to keep it from leaking through the floor. After you cook the sausages, you can absorb the excess fat with a paper towel. The paramedic absorbed the blood with a second bandage.
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absorbed in thought

Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. It's no use trying to talk to Helen when she's absorbed in thought like that; it's as if we don't even exist! Sorry, what did you say? I was absorbed in thought there. A: "Hey, did you hear the phone ring?" B: "Oh wow, no, I didn't. I guess I've been absorbed in thought."
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be absorbed by (something)

To have all of one's attention, interest, or identity completely dominated by or engrossed in something. I was so absorbed by the movie that I didn't even notice you coming in! He is so absorbed by his work that he doesn't have enough time for his family anymore.
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absorb oneself in someone or something

Fig. [for someone] to become very interested or preoccupied with something or someone else's interests. Tom would often absorb himself in his children's activities on weekends.
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absorb someone in(to) something

[of a person or a group of people] to include someone in all the activities of the group; to integrate someone into something. The club absorbed the new members into the organization.
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absorb something in(to) something

[of matter or substance] to draw something into itself. The sponge absorbed all the moisture into its fibers.
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absorb something with something

to soak up a fluid with something. Henry absorbed the spilled milk with a sponge.
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Oxygen absorbers, which inhibit the growth of aerobic pathogens and molds, greatly prolong the shelf life of stored food.
During the entire measurement, neither the central wavelength drifting nor new wavelength components were observed, revealing that the mode-locked fiber laser shows long-term stability, which benefits from the PMMA sandwiched [Bi.sub.2][Te.sub.3] nanosheets saturable absorber. There are many other advantages to this novel PMMA-TI-PMMA structure.
The back side of the prototype is placed in the wedge-tapered absorber, which prevents unexpected reflected waves.
Reference system (without absorber) registered (on the comb) a maximum strain of 101.3 mm (Fig.
"Transmission electron microscopes enable us to see through the materials, beyond the surface and deep within the nanocomposite solar absorber," remarked Dr Zhang.
Figure 4 shows the relative vertical stiffness-displacement curve of the new vibration absorber stiffness, where [k.sub.aIdeal] is the target value of vertical stiffness, [k.sub.d] is the vertical stiffness of the disc spring which is calculated by (4), and [k.sub.a] = [k.sub.z] + [k.sub.d] is the stiffness of the new vibration absorber.
The tiny holes penetrate the entire absorber greatly enhancing the range of solar energy that can be absorbed.
Aim of Research is to synthesize a principally new hydraulic lever-blade shock absorber with advanced functionality delivering the desired performance.
According to EMC industry veteran Brian Lawrence, the Research Triangle Park facility was not the first 10-meter chamber to be built for IBM using this absorber technology.
Antioxidant has been used only on natural dyed fabric for light fastness improvement[6].UV photofading does not require oxygen [7].Wendelin Marie Rich[8] studied ability of UV absorber to reduce fading of nylon coloured with acid dyes and concluded UV absorbers were more effective at reducing colour change on lighter shades.Yiqi Yang [9] studied improvement of the light fastness of reactive inkjet printed cotton and found The water soluble UV absorber had better lightfastness improvement than the water insoluble UV absorber.
As part of a new sales agreement with Paper Pak Industries (PPI), Faerch Plast, one of Europe's leading producers of plastic containers for the food industry, is now offering a new type of absorber for use in its trays for fresh meat and fish.
Hostavin PR 25 (benzylidene malonate ester) nonhydroxy substituted uv absorber with absorptivities above 100 liters has a lambda maxima at 310 nm and sharp cutoff at 350 nm.
In this work, we propose a novel varactor-tunable HIS for active metamaterial absorber. It is based on a Sievenpiper mushroom-type HIS.
To fabricate dielectric spacer layer of an absorber a non-conducting paint is applied with a hand brush on the painted conductive backside.