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absorbed in thought

Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. It's no use trying to talk to Helen when she's absorbed in thought like that; it's as if we don't even exist!
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be absorbed by (something)

To have all of one's attention, interest, or identity completely dominated by or engrossed in something. I was so absorbed by the movie that I didn't even notice you coming in! He is so absorbed by his work that he doesn't have enough time for his family anymore.
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absorb (someone or something) in(to)

1. To integrate into a new environment or situation. At least the new company has been able to absorb all of the old employees into its corporate structure
2. To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. The paper towel quickly absorbed the liquid into itself.
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absorb (oneself) in

To occupy or preoccupy oneself completely with activity or pursuit. Greg absorbed himself in video games every day after school. I wanted to impress Juliet, so I absorbed myself in music by her favorite band.
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absorb (something) with

To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. I had to absorb the water from the overflowing toilet with large towels to keep it from leaking through the floor.
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absorb oneself in someone or something

Fig. [for someone] to become very interested or preoccupied with something or someone else's interests. Tom would often absorb himself in his children's activities on weekends.
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absorb someone in(to) something

[of a person or a group of people] to include someone in all the activities of the group; to integrate someone into something. The club absorbed the new members into the organization.
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absorb something in(to) something

[of matter or substance] to draw something into itself. The sponge absorbed all the moisture into its fibers.
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absorb something with something

to soak up a fluid with something. Henry absorbed the spilled milk with a sponge.
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