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absorbed in thought

Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. It's no use trying to talk to Helen when she's absorbed in thought like that; it's as if we don't even exist!
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be absorbed by (something)

To have all of one's attention, interest, or identity completely dominated by or engrossed in something. I was so absorbed by the movie that I didn't even notice you coming in! He is so absorbed by his work that he doesn't have enough time for his family anymore.
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absorb (someone or something) in(to)

1. To integrate into a new environment or situation. At least the new company has been able to absorb all of the old employees into its corporate structure
2. To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. The paper towel quickly absorbed the liquid into itself.
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absorb (oneself) in

To occupy or preoccupy oneself completely with activity or pursuit. Greg absorbed himself in video games every day after school. I wanted to impress Juliet, so I absorbed myself in music by her favorite band.
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absorb (something) with

To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. I had to absorb the water from the overflowing toilet with large towels to keep it from leaking through the floor.
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absorb oneself in someone or something

Fig. [for someone] to become very interested or preoccupied with something or someone else's interests. Tom would often absorb himself in his children's activities on weekends.
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absorb someone in(to) something

[of a person or a group of people] to include someone in all the activities of the group; to integrate someone into something. The club absorbed the new members into the organization.
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absorb something in(to) something

[of matter or substance] to draw something into itself. The sponge absorbed all the moisture into its fibers.
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absorb something with something

to soak up a fluid with something. Henry absorbed the spilled milk with a sponge.
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In this project, solid and water phantoms were used as a radiation dosimeter and compared in view of radiation absorbed dose.
Despite more than 950,000 s/f being absorbed during the fourth quarter of 2006 alone, the Northern and Central New Jersey overall industrial availability rate increased from 8.
Example: Consolidated group member A incurs a DCL in year 1; the loss is absorbed by the consolidated group.
While the metal is not easily absorbed, the government is still paying scientists like Yokel to make sure we are safe when it comes to dietary sources of aluminum.
Caprosyn sutures are composed of unique and advanced polymers that deliver maximum wound support, pliability, and knot security and can be absorbed by the body in as little as 56 days.
The brain uses what it has absorbed and assimilated to give action to the person.
206]Pb tracer in feces - Endogenous fecal excretion of absorbed oral [sup.
The cores begin to degrade as moisture accumulates on or is absorbed into the core or core wash coating.
The absorbed moisture is removed from the element at a temperature of 110[degrees]C or less to regenerate the element.
Even protein powders take time to breakdown and be absorbed.
The calcium in fortified soy beverages isn't as well absorbed by the body as the calcium in cow's milk, says Robert Heaney, M.
On the basis of weight of urine absorbed per weight of shavings material, western redcedar shavings absorbed significantly more urine than the other two species for all particle sizes.
That's because some nutrients are better absorbed when your digestive tract is geared up for handling food.
On a hot, muggy May afternoon, with his dukes up, a frightened boy was absorbed by heat.
Use this equation to calculate the number of trees needed to absorb the carbon dioxide released each year from the use of certain appliances: (kilograms of carbon dioxide released) / (11 kilograms of carbon dioxide absorbed per tree) = number of trees.