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absorbed in thought

Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. It's no use trying to talk to Helen when she's absorbed in thought like that; it's as if we don't even exist!
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be absorbed by (something)

To have all of one's attention, interest, or identity completely dominated by or engrossed in something. I was so absorbed by the movie that I didn't even notice you coming in! He is so absorbed by his work that he doesn't have enough time for his family anymore.
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absorb (someone or something) in(to)

1. To integrate into a new environment or situation. At least the new company has been able to absorb all of the old employees into its corporate structure
2. To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. The paper towel quickly absorbed the liquid into itself.
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absorb (oneself) in

To occupy or preoccupy oneself completely with activity or pursuit. Greg absorbed himself in video games every day after school. I wanted to impress Juliet, so I absorbed myself in music by her favorite band.
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absorb (something) with

To draw or pull a liquid into a porous item. I had to absorb the water from the overflowing toilet with large towels to keep it from leaking through the floor.
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absorb oneself in someone or something

Fig. [for someone] to become very interested or preoccupied with something or someone else's interests. Tom would often absorb himself in his children's activities on weekends.
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absorb someone in(to) something

[of a person or a group of people] to include someone in all the activities of the group; to integrate someone into something. The club absorbed the new members into the organization.
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absorb something in(to) something

[of matter or substance] to draw something into itself. The sponge absorbed all the moisture into its fibers.
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absorb something with something

to soak up a fluid with something. Henry absorbed the spilled milk with a sponge.
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The absorbability (digestibility) of the nutrient is expressed as a percentage of that ingested.
Library work's absorbability is one of the most powerful forces clouding administrators' vision.
Absorbability by rats of compounds containing from one to eight ester groups.
After receiving Vitality, I read an article suggesting consumers test the absorbability of a multivitamin by putting it in vinegar for 20 minutes.
Those of us who have crossed over to the other side, of course, don't answer because we're in the towelling department grilling a clearly startled assistant as to the absorbability of his designer bath mats.
Enriched boron is used in control rods in nuclear reactors and for containing used nuclear fuel due to its high neutron absorbability.
Nevertheless, under very carefully controlled conditions, the small absorptive increases that do occur can be used to compare absorbability of different sources.
A better idea is to take your supplements with meals, which also improves absorbability.
The mixed plastics have a special niche in the absorbent market because it is in the midrange of absorbability compared to other absorption products.
As a result, we are able to regard such folksy explanations as true without worrying about scientific absorbability.
Nonnutrients such as oxalates and phytates that are present in many plant foods form insoluble salts with calcium and reduce its absorbability.
Excelling in water absorbability, ventilation and flexibility, Kraflex features a pleasant feel to the touch and drapability.
Enhanced absorbability with calcium citrate was demonstrated by Dr.