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absent (oneself) from (some place)

To leave a place, often to avoid something. If my ex-boyfriend does come, I'm going to absent myself from the party. Are those sirens? We should really absent ourselves from here before the cops show up! I didn't want to get a lecture about my grades, so I was quick to absent myself from the living room when I heard Mom and Dad pull up outside.
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absent (oneself) from (someone or something)

To avoid or stay away from someone or something. I had to absent myself from his presentation because the sight of him still makes me so angry. I didn't want to get a lecture about my grades, so I was quick to absent myself from Mom and Dad. We should really absent ourselves from the library before he sees us.
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absent without leave

Not present for a duty or situation without permission. The phrase is usually used in reference to military service, and is often abbreviated with the acronym "AWOL." The young soldier was arrested for being absent without leave. I know you're new to the force, but you can't just go absent without leave like that. The boss thought I was absent without leave because I was too sick to call in and say that I needed to miss a day of work.
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Forgetful or inattentive of everyday details or duties, possibly due to a preoccupation with other thoughts. My absent-minded housemate is always lost in composing new poems and never remembers to clean the house or take out the trash! Grandpa's been quite absent-minded lately, and I'm starting to wonder if he should be living alone anymore. I know Paulina's absent-minded, that's why I left the forms on her desk with a big note telling her to sign them and hand them in!

absent-minded professor

An otherwise intelligent person who often lacks common sense or forgets or overlooks important details. Louis is brilliant, but he's such an absent-minded professor when it comes to remembering to attend important meetings. A: "She graduated summa cum laude, yet she never remembers to turn in any of these forms on time." B: "Sounds like an absent-minded professor to me." Having an organized assistant is key when you're an absent-minded professor like me!

be absent without leave

To not be present for one's duty or a particular situation without permission. The phrase is usually used in reference to military service, and it is often abbreviated as the acronym "AWOL." The young soldier was arrested for being absent without leave. Jackie, you were absent without leave during our busiest period of the year. You're fired.
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long absent, soon forgotten

The longer a person is not present, the easier they are to forget about. A: "Is Carrie really dating someone else now?" B: "You've been gone for months! Long absent, soon forgotten."
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absent oneself from someone or something

to remain away from or avoid someone or some place. Fred absented himself from the meeting, which he was certain would be boring.
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*absent without leave

absent from a military unit without permission; absent from anything without permission. (AWOL is an abbreviation. This is a serious offense in the military. *Typically: be ~; go ~.) The soldier was taken away by the military police because he was absent without leave.
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absent-minded professor

a bumbling professor who overlooks everyday things. Fred is such an absent-minded professor. He'd forget his head if it wasn't screwed on.
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absent without leave

Away without permission or explanation, as in Her daughter went to the mall but got in trouble for being absent without leave. The term and its acronym, AWOL, originated in the American military during World War I for soldiers absent from duty without permission (leave). It later was transferred to civilian situations, as in John didn't just cut his Tuesday classes; he went AWOL.
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But while that subject might seem suited only to serious book-club discussion groups, Costain is able to strike a palatable balance through humor -- as when a dog, held up as an example of the limited helpfulness of talking animals, recounts absently: "I barfed up some meat I ate yesterday.
Even now, in his private practice, he's nothing like the old Woody Allen-ish cliche of the therapist listening absently while the patient lies on the couch.
I absently picked up a glossy magazine hoping to distract the direction of my thoughts.
About a hundred yards from the bodies, they found Phil (Rocky McMurray), another Broke Jaw ranch resident, sitting and absently reciting the poem "Antigonish" as a crow picked at his brain.
she was allowed to stare absently out a window"), and others.
Absently, I passed the list to my eight-year-old, highlighted which days he could participate and asked him to choose something ...
Her eyes returned to her daughter's plate, absently. "I couldn't.
He nodded absently. He looked like he'd had even less sleep than I had.
She looks absently towards but not into the strong light, which emanates from the left and defines her face.
The theme of intimacy and devotion is also suggested in Khakhar's large watercolours, such as the Kalighat-style Ram Bhakt Hanuman (1998), in which the prince and the god embrace, and Picture Taken on Their 30th Wedding Anniversary (1998), in which the smiling wife absently cradles her husband's penis in her hand.
"Yeah, OK that sounds great," Jerry absently tells Blair, ignoring her in his drive for inspiration, and later nonchalantly reading over her test results and dumping them in a trash can after she storms out of the room.
Grey's future seems bleak, especially the day he is fired, but everything begins to turn around the moment he absently sinks down on a bench occupied by wealthy Gloria Withers.
"Yes, well please tell us if you do," he said absently as I scurried off to check out the competition at the cake sale in the school foyer.