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The absent-minded criminal later phoned Delta taxis in a panic to ask if they had found the sports bag he had forgotten but hung up when told they had called the police.
One of the founding fathers of Psychology, William James, was often accused of being absent-minded to which he responded that he was really just present-minded to his own thoughts.
The charity said the findings suggested people were more prone to risky behaviour at the weekend because they were busier or more absent-minded and had potentially "had a few drinks".
Professor Branestawm (Hill) is an absent-minded professor, whose creations have a habit of going wrong.
Women appear to be more absent-minded than men, with 16 per cent being forgetful in the last two years compared with 12 per cent of male drivers.
It is the stereotype the absent-minded professor" - Writer Louise Mensch, who suddenly quit Parliament aTory MP.
It is the stereotype of the absent-minded professor" Writer Louise Mensch, who suddenly quit Parliament as a Tory MP.
Researchers found that men are twice as likely to forget a partner's birthday or an anniversary, and surprisingly 20 men had missed a funeral by being absent-minded.
Two runaway lions sparked panic in a Chinese zoo after an absent-minded zoo-keeper forget to close their cages after cleaning them out.
On February 18, ABC News reported that "guns meant to help safeguard America found their way into the hands of known criminals after absent-minded federal officers left firearms unsecured everywhere from fast-food restaurants to bowling alleys, according to a report by the Department of Homeland Security.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) - An absent-minded man dropped his money on the pavement but he did not realize it although he and another man walk over the banknotes.
If you ever notice a Saudi friend of yours looking pale, absent-minded and exhausted, this could be because of the season's financial and social requirements.
Meanwhile, an absent-minded bank customer walked away from a cash machine without taking the pounds 200 he withdrew.
The absent-minded recipient will lose out on a whopping pounds 127,033 if they do not claim the prize by 5.
It is a mind-boggling figure - is there a council employee lurking behind every parked car waiting for an absent-minded motorist who forgets to pay and display, or a delayed shopper who over-ran their allotted time?