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What I think is that some of their friends convince them that if they abscond they can earn more and work less elsewhere," he added.
Muller found that treatment failure (symptoms, medication, and failure of physician patient relationship) and family problems were the two main reasons driving patients to abscond (8,9).
Sudbury over the last two or three years has had a high record of absconds.
The man allegedly confessed during interview that he encouraged the maids to abscond
According to Amer service, here's what you can do if your maid absconds and if the visa was issued in Dubai:
And she added: "You chose to ditch relocation, you have personally made it easier for people to abscond.
Hunt on for killer motorist after he absconds from jail: A speeding motorist who killed a South Wales pensioner was today on the run from prison.
Sheriff William Gilchrist said: "To abscond from open prison is a serious offence, whatever the motivation.
This is in order to review their security category due to the current high abscond level at Ford amongst this group of prisoners.
PRISONERS who abscond from open jails will face tougher rules in the wake of the Robert Foye case.
Ajman: Ajman Police,in coordination with the Sharjah Police, have busted a gang which helped maids abscond from their sponsors.
Most of the domestic helpers who abscond are Ethiopians, followed by Indonesians, Filipinos and Sri-Lankans," Khalid Al Azhari, a Riyadh-based recruitment agency employee, said.
Over 96% of prisoners who do abscond are re-captured and returned to custody.
Luis said that he did not abscond and he showed up at the court all the time.
Employers have now asked the government for a law to make agents accountable if the housemaids abscond during the term of the contract.