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go abroad and you'll hear news of home

Once one is no longer at home, one becomes more interested or invested in news of home and family as it circulates second-hand. A: "Are you sure that Sir Gregory is selling the estate?" B: "Indeed. Go abroad and you'll hear news of home, my good man."
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noise something about

 and noise something abroad; noise something around
to spread around a secret; to gossip something around. Now don't noise it about, but I am going to Houston next week to see my girl. Please don't noise this abroad. Stop noising that gossip around.
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References in classic literature ?
With such strange compelling qualities, is it any wonder that there is abroad an idea that in the race there is some demoniac possession, which tends to a more definite belief that certain individuals have in the past sold themselves to the Devil?
Nothing was said; there were not even any hints dropped; but still, it seemed better to the parents to say nothing more about going abroad this season, at all events.
It is not easy to imagine what confusion this sight put me into, especially seeing them come on my side of the island, and so near to me; but when I considered their coming must be always with the current of the ebb, I began afterwards to be more sedate in my mind, being satisfied that I might go abroad with safety all the time of the flood of tide, if they were not on shore before; and having made this observation, I went abroad about my harvest work with the more composure.
It seemed evident to me that the visits which they made thus to this island were not very frequent, for it was above fifteen months before any more of them came on shore there again - that is to say, I neither saw them nor any footsteps or signals of them in all that time; for as to the rainy seasons, then they are sure not to come abroad, at least not so far.
I spent my days now in great perplexity and anxiety of mind, expecting that I should one day or other fall, into the hands of these merciless creatures; and if I did at any time venture abroad, it was not without looking around me with the greatest care and caution imaginable.
However, the Spaniards told them plainly that if they would but live sociably and friendly together, and study the good of the whole plantation, they would be content to work for them, and let them walk about and be as idle as they pleased; and thus, having lived pretty well together for a month or two, the Spaniards let them have arms again, and gave them liberty to go abroad with them as before.
It was not above a week after they had these arms, and went abroad, before the ungrateful creatures began to be as insolent and troublesome as ever.
The scout they kept to look abroad gave notice of this within, with this comforting addition, that the conquerors had not pursued them, or seen which way they were gone; upon this the Spanish governor, a man of humanity, would not suffer them to kill the three fugitives, but sending three men out by the top of the hill, ordered them to go round, come in behind them, and surprise and take them prisoners, which was done.
I think that one who mixes much with Americans long resident abroad must arrive at this conclusion.
Pierre had been educated abroad, and this reception at Anna Pavlovna's was the first he had attended in Russia.
Of course, it would trade abroad certain things it produced for things it did not produce; but this would be quite different from an unconsumable surplus.
They have enabled us to sell more abroad, which means that we'll be compelled to consume less at home.
The regiment was not ordered abroad as yet; and Captain Dobbin had not seen George.
Snares or shot may take off the old birds foraging without--hawks may be abroad, from which they escape or by whom they suffer; but the young ones in the nest have a pretty comfortable unromantic sort of existence in the down and the straw, till it comes to their turn, too, to get on the wing.
I also tested the variables of gender, attainment, family income, and hometown location on participation in study programs abroad.