above (oneself)

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above (oneself)

1. Conceited and arrogant; haughty or self-important. Usually used after the verbs "be" or "get." Primarily heard in UK. Self-confidence is essential, but you have to learn not to get above yourself when things are going well. You're certainly acting above yourself these days. The rest of us have opinions worth hearing, too, you know! Thankfully, Bill hasn't gotten above himself since earning his PhD—he's still the same humble guy he's always been.
2. Above one's own concerns, desires, motivations, or agenda. Usually used after the verb "put." She's a great leader, always putting the needs of her team above herself. I'm glad they're taking a vacation, just the two of them. They always put their kids above themselves and deserve a break. In the event that the plane loses altitude, do not put your child's needs above your own—put your oxygen mask on first.
3. Into a higher social class or standing than one's own. Usually used after the verb "marry." A: "I hear that the local fishmonger's daughter is betrothed to a rich foreign lawyer!" B: "My word, she's certainly marrying above herself, isn't she?" For all the talk that social classes have been wiped away in recent years, you will still find people who believe one can't or shouldn't marry above oneself. Of course she married above herself for the money—her husband is 25 years older than her!
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above (doing) something

[of someone] too mature or honorable to do something. I thought you were above doing something so thoughtless.

above someone or something

to be in a position that is higher than someone or something. The plane is now directly above us.

above someone

at a higher rank than someone else; serving as someone's supervisor. Ron is above Ginney, but he treats her like an equal.

marry above oneself

Fig. to marry someone in a higher social class than oneself. They say she married above herself, but who cares? Scott thought it would not be possible to marry above himself.
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above yourself

conceited; arrogant.
1999 Frank McCourt 'Tis Many a man made his way in America by the sweat of his brow and his strong back and it's a good thing to learn your station in life and not be getting above yourself.
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/beyond reproach
So good as to preclude any possibility of criticism.
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References in classic literature ?
"The nonsense and folly of people's stepping out of their rank and trying to appear above themselves, makes me think it right to give you a hint, Fanny, now that you are going into company without any of us; and I do beseech and entreat you not to be putting yourself forward, and talking and giving your opinion as if you were one of your cousins--as if you were dear Mrs.
Miss Fullilove, the timber- merchant's daughter, was quite sure that if SHE were Miss Penny Palfrey, she would be cautious; it was not a good sign when men looked so much above themselves for a wife.
"They all played above themselves and won matches against strong opposition that I would not have predicted."
"Cut above themselves, horse owners," one person posted.
'At this hour, there is a need for all media organizations and bodies to rise above themselves and unite for the common cause to brave this onslaught on the right to freedom of press,' she said.
Players who played above themselves last season have not been able to replicate that form this season.
Kim also hailed Ramos as one of his favorite examples of those who 'placed their countries and loved ones above themselves.'
Ang importante ay mailikas po sila (PAGCOR has no mandate declaring that employees should prioritize the money above themselves. What would be left behind is not important compared to their immediate evacuation)," Bondoc said.
Many thought that Albion had performed above themselves to secure a 1-1 draw at Easter Road courtesy of Steven Nicholas' goal.
Was the "Welsh Not" introduced and implemented by the colonial English or was it imposed by a Welsh elite getting above themselves? Is it true that Saunders Lewis, leader and founder member of Plaid Cymru, was an anti-semitic Nazi sympathiser who, like many other nationalists, refused to fight alongside the English imperialists against Hitler?
"Human beings," he writes, "while capable of the worst, are also capable of rising above themselves, choosing again what is good, and making a new start."
FANS of Gogglebox are always indignant at the start of each new series, when they realise their favourites have been made into sofa doilies after getting a bit above themselves.
"When they are playing really well, maybe they are playing well above themselves.
"Our research shows that people continue to prioritize family and career obligations above themselves. While taking time to recuperate is always best, unfortunately it's not always an option as our list of commitments continues to expand," commented Dave Tomasi, Vicks North American marketing director.