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I believe no one should consider oneself above the law of the country.
A video taken of Carroll's statements at Texas Muslim Capitol Day in 2013 does show him saying "if we're practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.
Summary: CAIRO - Egypt's Ahmed Shafiq, a former military man who will compete with the Muslim Brotherhood in a run-off presidential vote this month, said on Saturday that the jailing of Hosni Mubarak in a trial over protester killings proved no one was above the law.
Lupai May 22, 2012 -- The statement that no one is above the law is fundamental for good governance.
Summary: Geneva - Human rights defenders are not above the law, they have a mission but also duties, Morocco's permanent representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Ambassador Omar Hilale, reaffirmed on Monday before the UNHRC.
Summary: Kipp has always wanted to be above the law, but didn't think it was a realistic ambition.
Launching "Amnesty International Report 2010: State of the World's Human Rights," which documents abuses in 159 countries, the organization said that powerful governments are blocking advances in international justice by standing above the law on human rights, shielding allies from criticism and acting only when politically convenient.
It was set up by a cowboy banker to serve an elite group of developers and tycoons who thought they were above the law.
It's another example of the arrogance of so-called celebrities who think that because they have more money than most of us they are above the law.
However, there seems to be a handful of clubs which feel that they are above the law.
However, the fact that some of them say they are Bulgarians does not mean they above the law.
To JFA I direct this simple question although I agree with him that Karadzic arrest was a good thing for the poor victims of this monster as well as for the whole humanity :_Look around you and think twiceDo you really believe that Karadzic arrest demonstrates that nobody is above the Law
I always thought baby-snatching was a crime however it would appear that social services are above the law.
He said: "In blocking the IPCC investigation, he placed himself above the law and in clear breach of his statutory duties and the will of Parliament.
In the first major test, his main MP supporters have voted to hide their expense and travel claims from the public on the basis that they should be above the law.