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In fact, Muslims, if we're practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.
But then that's the problem: if we were above the law, too many of us would act like it.
The organization insisted that the ICC's 2009 arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, for crimes against humanity and war crimes, was a landmark event demonstrating that even sitting heads of state are not above the law.
And by failing to put any bankers behind bars and forcing taxpayers to pay for their recklessness, our Government is proving that this elite group is in fact above the law.
However, there seems to be a handful of clubs which feel that they are above the law.
However, the fact that some of them say they are Bulgarians does not mean they above the law.
To JFA I direct this simple question although I agree with him that Karadzic arrest was a good thing for the poor victims of this monster as well as for the whole humanity :_Look around you and think twiceDo you really believe that Karadzic arrest demonstrates that nobody is above the Law
I always thought baby-snatching was a crime however it would appear that social services are above the law.
He said: "In blocking the IPCC investigation, he placed himself above the law and in clear breach of his statutory duties and the will of Parliament.
In the first major test, his main MP supporters have voted to hide their expense and travel claims from the public on the basis that they should be above the law.
We do not seek to put our colleagues above the law.
They should know they're not above the law,'' said McFarland, president of the Democratic Alliance for Action in Santa Clarita.
Or maybe he just really believes that warrants are for sissies and he is above the law.
is a special, place in large part because no one, not even the President, is above the law.
It was OK to be above the law about everything else since 9/11 --going to war in spite of the United Nations, lying about the connection between Saddam and Osama bin Laden, torturing prisoners and so on.