above (someone's) head

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above (someone's) head

Not understood by one because it is too complex or subtle for their comprehension. My jokes always seem to go above Stephanie's head, so I'm glad you think I'm funny at least.
See also: above, head

above your head

beyond your ability to understand.
See also: above, head

above/over somebody’s ˈhead

too difficult for somebody to understand: It was clear from the expression on his face that the lecture went completely over his head.
See also: above, head, over
References in classic literature ?
To see land and water curving upward in the distance until it seemed to stand on edge where it melted into the distant sky, and to feel that seas and mountains hung suspended directly above one's head required such a complete reversal of the perceptive and reasoning faculties as almost to stupefy one.
But there is one charming bird: it is a small, snow-white tern, which smoothly hovers at the distance of a few feet above one's head, its large black eye scanning, with quiet curiosity, your expression.
Wires swept diagonally above one's head, like guitar strings writ large.
Starting above one's head, there is the Cascadia drenching rain showerhead ($59.
To write novels is to uproot oneself, to venture forth carrying one's roots in the air above one's head, and to let oneself be cut down by the first fool one encounters without a show of resistance and in the full knowledge of one's own ignominy.
Normally, they do the latter intentionally in the course of intentionally doing the former; but the thesis at issue leaves it open that the only intention at work in many such cases is the intention to raise one's hand above one's head.
The route is emphasized by roof lanterns which bring daylight into the middle of the deep plan, and by a line of artificial lights, not far above one's head which perform something of the same function as street lamps in open air thoroughfares.