above (oneself)

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above (oneself)

1. Conceited and arrogant; haughty or self-important. Usually used after the verbs "be" or "get." Primarily heard in UK. Self-confidence is essential, but you have to learn not to get above yourself when things are going well. You're certainly acting above yourself these days. The rest of us have opinions worth hearing, too, you know! Thankfully, Bill hasn't gotten above himself since earning his PhD—he's still the same humble guy he's always been.
2. Above one's own concerns, desires, motivations, or agenda. Usually used after the verb "put." She's a great leader, always putting the needs of her team above herself. I'm glad they're taking a vacation, just the two of them. They always put their kids above themselves and deserve a break. In the event that the plane loses altitude, do not put your child's needs above your own—put your oxygen mask on first.
3. Into a higher social class or standing than one's own. Usually used after the verb "marry." A: "I hear that the local fishmonger's daughter is betrothed to a rich foreign lawyer!" B: "My word, she's certainly marrying above herself, isn't she?" For all the talk that social classes have been wiped away in recent years, you will still find people who believe one can't or shouldn't marry above oneself. Of course she married above herself for the money—her husband is 25 years older than her!
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above (doing) something

[of someone] too mature or honorable to do something. I thought you were above doing something so thoughtless.

above someone or something

to be in a position that is higher than someone or something. The plane is now directly above us.

above someone

at a higher rank than someone else; serving as someone's supervisor. Ron is above Ginney, but he treats her like an equal.

marry above oneself

Fig. to marry someone in a higher social class than oneself. They say she married above herself, but who cares? Scott thought it would not be possible to marry above himself.
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above yourself

conceited; arrogant.
1999 Frank McCourt 'Tis Many a man made his way in America by the sweat of his brow and his strong back and it's a good thing to learn your station in life and not be getting above yourself.
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/beyond reproach
So good as to preclude any possibility of criticism.
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But I notice the more I desire a relationship with God and a better understanding of him, he gives me new desires: a passion to help and bless others, to place others above myself. I find more joy and peace when I help others and trust that he will provide the things my heart desires.
"I felt suspended above myself, watching all these amazing doctors and nurses take control and fix me."
"I think you play how you train, so I just wanted to make sure I was above myself for when we start back."
"I'm putting the country first," McCaul said, "above myself."
"But I'm certainly not getting above myself. Top four is still a battle and the next game will have a big bearing on it.
I get the raised eyebrow from her quite a lot if I ever start to get above myself. My daughters do similar, so between them my feet are kept firmly on the ground.
"That is a decision made by people above myself," said Clark, who was appointed by Pannu, who conducted the interview process on behalf of Carson Yeung and the board after Chris Hughton left for Norwich City.
Obviously there's a lot of controversy over who's going to be coaching here next year or who'll be above myself and Johnsy.
I have always considered the party above myself. Such activity cause damage to the party.
The one thing that helped me was that I was never permitted to get above myself. Firstly I had people close to me who were always telling me I was rubbish no matter how well I played!
"Newbury was never going to suit him and we won and while I'm not getting above myself, I wouldn't be swapping.
Valuing others above myself and my concerns affords them dignity.