above (someone's) head

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above (someone's) head

Not understood by one because it is too complex or subtle for their comprehension. My jokes always seem to go above Stephanie's head, so I'm glad you think I'm funny at least.
See also: above, head

above your head

beyond your ability to understand.
See also: above, head

above/over somebody’s ˈhead

too difficult for somebody to understand: It was clear from the expression on his face that the lecture went completely over his head.
See also: above, head, over
References in classic literature ?
The beats of her heart grew fainter and fainter, and vaguer, like a fountain giving out, like an echo dying away;--and when she exhaled her last breath, she thought she saw in the half-opened heavens a gigantic parrot hovering above her head.
Put it on quite," voices were heard urging when the priest had put on the wedding crowns and Shtcherbatsky, his hand shaking in its three-button glove, held the crown high above her head.
The moment that Virginia Maxon felt the waters close above her head she struck out beneath the surface for the shore upon the opposite side to that toward which she had dived into the river.
With a prayer to her Maker she threw her hands above her head in the last effort of the drowning swimmer to clutch at even thin air for support--the current caught and swirled her downward toward the gorge, and, at the same instant her fingers touched and closed upon something which swung low above the water.
A MAN assaulted his wife and shot an air rie above her head after she asked him to turn his music down.
He held her hands above her head as he raped her at the house in Hawick, in the Borders, the high court in Edinburgh heard.
STEVENSON RANCH -- Megan Richardson held her wrist cocked above her head as she coasted down the court Tuesday night.
She would entertain herself by moving her hand from side to side, held high above her head, like a mobile.
The camera clambers about her body and wheels above her head, rummages in the folds of her dress and zooms into her mouth.
It includes an amazing lift in which a male dancer places his hand on a female dancer's shoulder and somehow levers himself above her head.
A PLANE crash survivor held her baby above her head for an hour waiting to be rescued in choppy seas, it was revealed yesterday.
A WOMAN held her baby above her head for an hour, three people shared one life jacket and two children held on to their dead mother's body to stay alive after their plane crashed into choppy seas in the Bahamas.
A 23-year-old woman was rescued with a broken bone in her right shoulder Friday evening after she tumbled off a platform at Shinden Station on the JR Nara Line in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, and an express train came to a halt above her head, firefighters said.
David Carson, 37, held the arms of one officer above her head and said: "I'm telling you to have sex with me.
Cohn has, and the 53-year-old standout for College of the Canyons' women's track team's quest is to get better, compete at higher levels and ignore the number hung above her head.