above (someone's) head

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above (someone's) head

Not understood by one because it is too complex or subtle for their comprehension. My jokes always seem to go above Stephanie's head, so I'm glad you think I'm funny at least. A: "My uncle is reading a book about anti-gravity technology. He says he can't put it down!" B: "Oh, wow, that does sound really interesting." A: "Well, that went above your head, now didn't it?" I think that joke is going to go over above people's heads, sir. Let's cut it from your speech.
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above your head

beyond your ability to understand.
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above/over somebody’s ˈhead

too difficult for somebody to understand: It was clear from the expression on his face that the lecture went completely over his head.
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References in classic literature ?
As yet the King and Queen had not come, but all the other benches were full of people, rising head above head high aloft till it made the eye dizzy to look upon them.
This follows previous announcement where the developer had reduced prices by 60 per cent exclusively for public servants who seek to own their first homes and are at a grade not above head of department or equivalent.
And to the crowd's delight, Sotto, literally standing out and above head and shoulders over his peers, was fielded in midway through the third quarter with Ateneo trailing big.
Despite the defenders hand being above head height Referee David Ricketts waved away the appeals and the chance was gone.
The blustery conditions did little to help either team make use of the ball above head height and so play was attempted along the ground.
The amount of exporter's funds held up under the above head have created financial crunch for the exporters and they are unable to increase their exports.
Toss high above head, turn all the way around (360[degrees]), catch
The hood is highly compatible with a filtering face mask, while middle-finger loops prevent the sleeves from riding up so that work may be carried out above head height.
Any player can go in the area, goals can be scored from anywhere, and the ball can even go above head height!
Swing the weight back to standing original position above head and repeat.
Fig.1: STRETCHES Raise both arms above head. Not too quickly, mind' Fig.2: STRETCHES Lift arms above head.
If you have images of the rafters of pergolas dripping with great swags of wisteria, rose and honeysuckle blooms or bunches of juicy grapes and colourful anging baskets, you will need more clearance than a few inches above head height on the top beams.
Hung from a nail a bit above head height, it slumps down the wall and folds loosely around itself as it spreads out across the floor.
Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees straight but relaxed, arms raised above head.
More lights along both sides, front to back, hang just above head height.