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Another rise in temperature is expected for Saturday to reach six degrees Celsius above average and for Sunday when temperature is expected to become eight degrees Celsius above average.
Their three-month outlook said: "For May, the probabilities of above average and below average temperatures are fairly well balanced, with above average only slightly more likely.
5% and 16% above average in the two components, while girls achieved 13.
Small proportions (1-7%) had ever had a heart attack, breast or colon cancer, venous thromboembolism or osteoporosis, and fewer than a third believed their risk of these conditions to be above average.
The size of the equity market relative to the rest of the economy will dip below average; market risk premium relative to inflation will rise above average.
In addition, the increases in earnings were above average in farming, mining, construction, retail trade, and government.
As to color cosmetics, 61% of buyers list lipsticks as selling above average, versus 38% last time.
Direct debt levels are low, although overall debt is above average.
September: Yet another warm month, above average mainly because of higher than normal daytime temperatures.
The winter forecast from NOAA:s Climate Prediction Center calls for above average temperatures across the northern United States and through California, Nevada, and Arizona.
In all seven states, increases in payrolls were above average in wholesale trade and in services.
Survey authors Jack Salzman and Beth Goldberg note that 33% of the buyers rate Almay cosmetics above average or excellent in product quality, while only 12% rate them below average or poor, giving the results a positive skew.
American Airlines (IDR rated 'B-' with a Stable Outlook by Fitch) and its regional affiliate, American Eagle, accounted for 45% of the operations FY2005, indicating an above average level of concentration that is slightly mitigated by the healthy presence of five other major carriers.
Percentage of LAUSD students by grade with below average, average and above average scores on the Stanford 9.