above/over somebody's head

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above (someone's) head

Not understood by one because it is too complex or subtle for their comprehension. My jokes always seem to go above Stephanie's head, so I'm glad you think I'm funny at least. A: "My uncle is reading a book about anti-gravity technology. He says he can't put it down!" B: "Oh, wow, that does sound really interesting." A: "Well, that went above your head, now didn't it?" I think that joke is going to go over above people's heads, sir. Let's cut it from your speech.
See also: above, head

over (one's) head

1. Too complicated to be understood by one. My jokes always seem to go over Stephanie's head, so I'm glad you think I'm funny at least. A lot of this technical stuff is way over my head.
2. Bypassing one's authority. She just wouldn't listen to me, so I had to go over her head to her boss and complain about it.
3. Lingering as a source of concern or worry for one. All these bills are hanging over my head, and I don't get paid for another week. I'm so glad that exam is over—it's been over my head for months.
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*over someone's head

1. Fig. [of the intellectual content of something] too difficult for someone to understand. (*Typically: be ~; go ~; pass ~.) All that talk about computers went over my head. I hope my lecture didn't go over the students'heads.
2. and *over someone; *above someone Fig. to an authority higher than someone. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) I don't want to have to go over your head, but I will if necessary. I had to go over Fran to get it done. My boss wouldn't listen to my complaint, so I went above her.
See also: head, over
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above/over somebody’s ˈhead

too difficult for somebody to understand: It was clear from the expression on his face that the lecture went completely over his head.
See also: above, head, over

over somebody’s ˈhead

to a higher position of authority than somebody: He gets angry when you go over his head and talk to his boss.
See also: head, over
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