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an about-face

A sudden, complete turn or change of direction. This phrase can describe one's physical movement or a change in concept. She did an about-face and walked back up the steps once she saw that the subway wasn't running. Based on the reactions we got from test audiences, we need to do an about-face with the movie's plot. I highly doubt these new ads will make anyone do an about-face on their candidate of choice.
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* about-face (on someone or something)

Fig. a reversal of attitude or action. (*Typically: do ~; have ~.) She did an about-face on her rule about not eating in the living room. Now we can do it if we want.
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The cliche of "noble Negro saves hapless white girl" is about-faced.
That watershed document led, sometimes after painful struggles, to manifold changes: Altars were about-faced so priest could see the people; communion rails disappeared; the Eucharist was distributed to standing, rather than kneeling, communicants; and the ubiquitous Latin was replaced by languages of the people.
As I drew and came to anchor, the buck sensed peril and jumped to his feet and about-faced, offering a perfect broadside shot.