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an about-face

A sudden, complete turn or change of direction. This phrase can describe one's physical movement or a change in concept. She did an about-face and walked back up the steps once she saw that the subway wasn't running. Based on the reactions we got from test audiences, we need to do an about-face with the movie's plot.

* about-face (on someone or something)

Fig. a reversal of attitude or action. (*Typically: do ~; have ~.) She did an about-face on her rule about not eating in the living room. Now we can do it if we want.
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In an about-face, the IRS has now contacted firms that previously had their accounting change applications rejected, to advise them that the Service has reevaluated its position, and once again believes that changing the treatment of reimbursable litigation costs from deductible expenses to loans is a change in accounting method.
Brand, founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, The Well, and provocateur of LSD, and other San Francisco counterculture announces his latest about-face departure as co-founder of the Global Business Network, a futurist consultancy.
The move is in protest at what unions Unite and GMB see as an about-face by employer Swissport on an agreed 2.
7 billion results in less than a quarter of this cash (pounds 630 million) that will actually go to the losers - a very badly targeted about-face by Labour.
Now, in an about-face that left me cold, Bustamante has suddenly realized he's in a real race.
This about-face came years after Padilla had been accused of participating in a plot to detonate a radiological "dirty" bomb.
He made his sudden about-face largely because of the emerging power of citizens groups, feistier media coverage and growing political competition.
According to the paper, Kato and his supporters' awareness of their ''scant chance of wielding any political power if they were to be thrown out of the LDP,'' was the reason behind his about-face withdrawal of support, along with another LDP faction headed by Taku Yamasaki.
Federal Reserve Chairman-for-Life Alan Greenspan executes a rare public policy about-face and cuts interest rates by a full point in just weeks.
However, in an about-face in mid-May, Ishikawa announced he would agree to the plebiscite and leave the decision over the plebiscite to the 76-member prefectural assembly.
CONGRATULATIONS to Jane Hutt for her swift about-face on hospice funding.
IN an astonishing about-face George Dubya is now seeking United Nations help to sort out the chaos engulfing Iraq.
But when gay rights groups hailed her implicit support of ending "don't ask, don't tell," she quickly did an about-face.
The Times story noted that Shays made an abrupt about-face on the issue after repeatedly running into a buzz saw at meetings in his district.
I was ready to about-face and let him drag me home when I noticed an imposing shape in the distance.