about it

(a)bout it

mod. ready; knowledgeable; cool. (Black.) Sam is smart. He’s really about it.
References in classic literature ?
Eppie was very joyful, for there was the prospect not only of wonder and delight at seeing a strange country, but also of coming back to tell Aaron all about it.
Silas, bewildered by the changes thirty years had brought over his native place, had stopped several persons in succession to ask them the name of this town, that he might be sure he was not under a mistake about it.
Eh, my child, he won't know anything about it," said Silas; "gentlefolks didn't ever go up the Yard.
That was Tom Sawyer's idea about it, and reckoned there warn't anybody could better it.
I guess, but I can't be the first to talk about it.
There, that's enough, enough said about it," he said, getting up from his seat.
I can't argue about it, I only know that it's the way of the world, and people who set themselves against it only get laughed at for their pains.
Do you mean to go on turning up your nose at every opportunity because it's got a bit of a smell about it that nobody finds out but yourself?
I can't forget that I spoke my heart to you once, and that you kept it to yourself, even though the Boss himself came to ask you about it.
Finally the Vicar announced that he wished to hear nothing more about it and with dignity left the room.
She knows all about it already: she said "wench," not "girl.
How YOU talk, you better say; you don't know nothing about it.
And it isn't as I'm thinking all about ourselves, and nothing about my brother, only the money was so on my mind, I couldn't help speaking about it.
They think it would be nice to start exercising, but if they think about it for six months, they've gained another pound.