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abound in

To be abundant or plentiful with. In the spring, the fields abound in blooming tulips.
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abound with

To be abundant or plentiful with. The world abounds with criminals and scam artists looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. In the spring, the fields abound with blooming tulips.
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scatter around

1. To strew, distribute, or disperse things all around (some place), especially in a haphazard or aimless manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scatter" and "around." I leaped into the pile of leaves and scattered them around. The cat jumped onto my desk and scattered around all my important documents. I scattered my grandmother's ashes around the field, as she instructed in her will.
2. To separate and distribute rays of light in many different directions. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scatter" and "around." The crystal scatters the sunlight around in a myriad of colors. The gems in the cave scattered around the light from the flashlight.
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abound in something

to be rich and abundant in something; to have plenty of something. (A bit formal.) The entire area abounds in game and fish.
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abound with someone or something

to be plentiful with particular persons, other living beings, or objects. The world abounds with talented people who are too shy to develop their talents.
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abound with

or abound in
To be brimming with something plentiful: The lake by the cabin abounds with fish.The quaint villa abounded with charm.
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The articles on Inferno 5, 10, 18, 23, and 30 abound in lengthy parenthetical asides, poorly explained textual juxtapositions, incomplete arguments, and pedantic jokes.
Small-town drama abounds, but the story is engrossing and the narration skillful.
This sumptuously illustrated, elegantly designed history of the organization's first two decades is a bit short on text, but the book abounds in visual allure.
Even in the midst of his sin, however, God's grace abounds, and Greene's fractured priest becomes the broken and blessed body of Christ.
More than a third of the country's entire economy consists of trade with its northern neighbor, and talk abounds of one day even adopting the dollar as official currency.
Daniels sings with a bold, thrusting, masculine sonority and ripples nonchalantly through the roller-coaster roulades in which the 18th-century music abounds.
The area abounds in convenient retail establishments, from banks and restaurants to other service related businesses.
The book abounds with useless advice, like how to get into the Encyclopedia, with the two best routes being to go to the Arctic and discover something or becoming a mistress to royalty, but it is all amusing.
Humor abounds, with good-natured jabs at organized religion, naval bureaucracy, and stilted Victorian mores.
Small town drama abounds, but the story is engrossing and the narration skillful.
Human caring abounds with tall tales that lead the barflies to throw their glasses into the fireplace as a tribute to the acceptance of this bizarre blend of aliens, humans, time travelers, and even a talking dog.