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humble abode

One's home. Welcome to our humble abode! Can I get you something to drink?
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take up (one's) abode

To settle into a place or lodging and make it one's home. San Francisco is a fine place to take up your abode.
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take up one's abode

some place to make some place one's home. I am going to take up my abode in a different city. I will take up my abode in this place and hope to find a job close by.
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humble abode

A self-deprecating way to refer to one's home. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is the source: the insufferable Mr. Collins refers to his patroness Lady Catherine de Burgh with “The garden in which stands my humble abode is separated only by a lane from Rosings Park, her ladyship's residence'' and “But she is perfectly amiable, and often condescends to drive by my humble abode in her little phaeton and ponies.''
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I then wrote three letters of adieu: the first to Esther Hargrave, in which I told her that I found it impossible to stay any longer at Grassdale, or to leave my son under his father's protection; and, as it was of the last importance that our future abode should be unknown to him and his acquaintance, I should disclose it to no one but my brother, through the medium of whom I hoped still to correspond with my friends.
Purposely I have taken up my abode where I am now partly to pull myself together, and partly to wait for Mr.
Due to climate change, the primary abodes for wildlife's survival are burning and b
He has been traveling continuously for over 13 years to accomplish his mother's desire of undertaking a pilgrimage to the four most prominent abodes of Hindu Gods, spreading across length and breadth of India.
The location of the children's principal abodes do not favor any of the residences, because none of the children then lived in Wisconsin, Georgia or Arizona.
You can also visit replicas of the Ricardos' New York and California abodes and see props and costumes from America's favorite sitcom.
Like the dwellings painted by Edward Hopper, Deutsch's suburban abodes are metaphors for the way that, in modern society, autonomy tends to slide into isolation and voyeurism increasingly usurps more meaningful forms of human contact.
Then, grease- and chip-covered, we would stumble through the cold and deepening night out to an old wagon road and back to our abodes, leaving the chunks to be carried the next day.