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come aboard

To board a ship or boat. Once the boat docks, you can come aboard.
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come aboard

 and go aboard
to get onto a boat or ship. Please come aboard. We are shoving off now. Please ask everyone to go aboard.
See also: aboard, come

get aboard something

to get onto a ship, a train, or an airplane. What time should we get aboard the ship? Everyone can get aboard at noon.
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take someone or something aboard

to load someone or something onto a ship. The ship was in its berth, taking passengers aboard. The ship took many tons of cargo aboard.
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Welcome aboard.

Fig. Welcome to employment at our company. (See also on board. Invariably said in greeting to a new employee.) Glad to meet you. Welcome aboard.
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References in classic literature ?
The monotony of life aboard her became trying for the crew.
Every soul aboard stood at the bulwarks or on the seats of the steamer and stared at that distant shape, higher than the trees or church towers inland, and advancing with a leisurely parody of a human stride.
We had approached within a mile and a half perhaps of this foot of the bay, when some of the islanders, who by this time had managed to scramble aboard of us at the risk of swamping their canoes, directed our attention to a singular commotion in the water ahead of the vessel.
from Salters, and for an hour and a half every soul aboard hung over his squid- jig - a piece of lead painted red and armed at the lower end with a circle of pins bent backward like half-opened umbrella ribs.
Lower and lower sank her gunwale as we dropped aboard her, with no more care than the Gadarene swine whose fate we courted.
It seems that the pursuit by the cruiser had so terrorized the mutineers that they had continued out across the Atlantic for several days after losing her; but on discovering the meager supply of water and provisions aboard, they had turned back toward the east.
Dian went aboard first and then Juag, as I wished to help Raja and Ranee aboard myself, well knowing that it would fare ill with any Mezop who touched them.
You came aboard voluntarily, and you may take the consequences.
During the whole four days I had not seen the girl, as she evidently kept closely to her room; and during this time no untoward incident had occurred aboard the boat--a fact which seemed to strengthen the web of circumstantial evidence about her.
His own men he hastened to their posts in his prahu that they might be ready to pull swiftly away the moment that he and the captive were aboard.
But to the left the first heads were popping up from below on another junk, and I rounded up the Reindeer alongside long enough for George to spring aboard.
They carry caviare and certain very noble spices from the Levant aboard of ships from Genoa," quoth Sir Oliver.
And, of all times, Soup Kennedy selected this time to come and retrieve an old shirt of his, left aboard the Reindeer from the trip he sailed with Clam.
while the Captain won unto him the greater party) was convoyed aboard the General Don Alfonso Bacan.
Much of my service had been spent aboard the great merchantmen-of-war.