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come aboard

To board a ship or boat. Once the boat docks, you can come aboard.
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take aboard

1. To bring or load someone or something on board a ship, train, airplane, etc. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "aboard." The captain was arrested for taking aboard drugs hidden in large shipments of grain. An air marshal took the prisoner aboard the airplane to ensure she reached her destination.
2. To acknowledge, accept, and consider implementing a certain perspective, viewpoint, or piece of information. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "aboard." You really ought to take aboard the boss's advice. Thanks, I'll be sure to take your recommendations aboard.
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get aboard

To board a mode of transportation, such as a plane, train, or boat. Yeah, we've gotten aboard the plane, but we're just sitting at the gate right now.
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come aboard

 and go aboard
to get onto a boat or ship. Please come aboard. We are shoving off now. Please ask everyone to go aboard.
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get aboard something

to get onto a ship, a train, or an airplane. What time should we get aboard the ship? Everyone can get aboard at noon.
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take someone or something aboard

to load someone or something onto a ship. The ship was in its berth, taking passengers aboard. The ship took many tons of cargo aboard.
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Welcome aboard.

Fig. Welcome to employment at our company. (See also on board. Invariably said in greeting to a new employee.) Glad to meet you. Welcome aboard.
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References in classic literature ?
He had hoped to learn through this fellow whether his little son was aboard the Kincaid, but to every question upon this or kindred subjects the fellow returned but one reply, "Ay tank it blow purty soon purty hard." So after several attempts Tarzan gave it up.
"But bear in mind that you will be shot if you make a single move to attack me or any other aboard the ship."
Tarzan looked about for Rokoff, who he felt sure must be aboard, but there was no sign of him.
When the party returned aboard the Marjorie W., Paulvitch was accompanied by the ape, who seemed anxious to follow him.
All in all, Ajax, as he had been dubbed, was considered the most remarkable and intelligent ape that any one aboard the Marjorie W.
Even his foes were forced to admire Sir Richard's dauntless courage, for when he was carried aboard Don Alfonso's ship "the captain and gentlemen went to visit him, and to comfort him in his hard fortune, wondering at his courageous stout heart for that he showed not any sign of faintness nor changing of colour.
"Throw down your arms and come aboard us," I cried, "and you shall not be harmed.
The Sagoths threw down their weapons, and we took them aboard the ship next in line behind the Amoz.
Then I pointed to the sail and to the water in the Reindeer, and indicated by signs that when the wind reached the sail, what of the water aboard we would capsize.
Johnson, I intend retaining command of the ship, even though she crosses thirty, and I shall demand implicit obedience from every officer and man aboard until I am properly relieved from duty by a superior officer in the port of New York."
Those which Johnson had seen him destroy had been a third set which only Alvarez had known was aboard the Coldwater.
An' wasn't there the Governor of Kura Island, an' the Chief iv Police, Japanese gentlemen, sir, an' didn't they come aboard the Ghost as his guests, a-bringin' their wives along-- wee an' pretty little bits of things like you see 'em painted on fans.
Johnson, the man who had chafed me raw when I first came aboard, seemed the least equivocal of the men forward or aft.
They have seen us and called their men aboard. Now they draw upon the anchor.
Have you perchance a priest or friar aboard this ship, Master Hawtayne?"