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He also ably demonstrates how medical hucksters have adapted the ideas of the medical community to sell constipation cures and preventives to a general public already concerned with keeping their bowels open.
Beggars At The Wall ably and deftly presents the diligent grace of Ratner's most timeless political and expressive word images.
Ably compiled and co-edited by academicians Brian Dibble (Personal Chair in Comparative Literature at Curtin University) and Jim Evans (Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Agricultural Communications at the University of Illinois), as well as featuring the landscape photography of Richard Woldendorp, Marking The Land: A Collection Of Australian Bush Wisdom And Humor is an engaging, entertaining, and occasionally inspiring anthology of colorful of quotes and sayings drawn from the frontiers of the Australian Outback.
I always enjoy the reports by Monsignor Foy, who so ably defends Catholic morality, despite the efforts of the Canadian theological experts who held such sorry sway over Canadian bishops, when our pastors misguidedly issued their 1968 Winnipeg Statement.
Had they not done so, they would have disappeared into the dustbin of history as thoroughly as did the well-connected associations that Harland so ably describes.
Schutz' long career has centered on this line of research, and he ably describes gravity's role in the myriad components and events of the universe, ranging from the life cycle of galaxies to the origins of chemical elements.
Maxwell-Stuart renders the prose well, ably capturing its elegance and making a surprisingly readable and even attractive text.
Rory Ably, 23, of Talent had been skating in the park with friends Sunday evening, said police Sgt.
Geer, amazingly dancing on a fractured foot, offered a subdued yet proud Prince, ably adapting the choreography so that the injury was not apparent.
In this age of the Harris-Klein-Day triumvirate of contempt and cynicism, and to paraphrase Wilde again, the importance of being Ernest has never been so ably demonstrated or so utterly necessary.
Lateefah Fleming, whose experience with HBO New York and with marketing for Wesley Snipes' online company makes her the perfect insider to report on how our favorite books get to film, ably demystifies the book-to-screen process.
Hoskins makes the most of a plum role (a far cry from the thugs he normally plays), and ably conveys a complex character's mix of menace and childlike vulnerability.
Ably guiding readers through simple, "user-friendly ideas for proper dietary assessment, 1-2-3 Diabetes Diet offers reliable, "user friendly" guidance in such issues as properly navigating the grocery store, "survival" when eating out, enduring social pressures to go off a diabetic oriented diet, and trusting yourself to make healthy eating choices when dealing with diabetes.