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The musical score "after Wilhelm Maurer" is far less interesting than Schneitzhoeffer's for Sylphide or Adam's for Giselle, but has been ably arranged and reorchestrated by Michel Queval, conductor of the Paris opera Orchestra
Moore ably narrates this poignant and metaphorical winner of the 1998 British Carnegie Medal.
Adagio, a darkly abstract study of the creative process, had the opposite problem: It was ably danced by David Thompson and company new comer Nicole Choules, but its Bolshoi-sized emotionalism seemed out of scale.
The singers, ably led by Erin Bullard, started their programme with a Zulu hymn that became popular in America, Siyahamba (We are Walking), and ended with a choral suite from Old American Songs arranged by Aaron Copeland.
Zubair said on the occasion that the government could ably tackle backwardness, poverty, and illiteracy of people of under-privileged areas like Thar with active assistance of charitable organizations like the GCT doing their best in health, education, and other social sectors.
This bilingual edition, ably translated from the Spanish by Mark Weiss, is a series of paragraph-shaped poems that Orozco describes as films projected from inside his mind "upon my skull's thinnest wall." Eschewing traditional poetic concerns of meter and rhyme, Orozco relies on the strength of his imagery and the precision of language to entice the reader to join him in this cinema of the mind.
The Minister said Amjad ably carried forward the legacy of his elders who were themselves an icon of traditional art of Qawali with their unique style of rendition.
* Apparel industry veterans Raj Shah and Akhil Shah, along with Stanley Hainsworth, former creative director at Nike, Lego and Starbucks, are rolling out a clothing line called Ably, which is activated by a proprietary, patent-pending technology called Filium--and it could have implications for the laundry detergent category.
The Oxjam Takeover - the multivenue city music festival that took over the Welsh capital on Sunday ably proved that particular point bringing together more than 40 bands to multiple stages all with the aim of raising awareness and more importantly raising money for Oxfam.
They were ably assisted by the boys of St George's School, West Derby Road, their silver band and They were ably assisted by the boys of St George's School, West Derby Road, their silver band and choir, whose music was greatly appreciated.
Szu-Wen Wang epitomized Cio-Cio-San in her delicacy of approach, her innocence and her impressive soprano, carefully nuanced and ably delivered from her tiny frame.
WELL done to Teesside Athletic Under-12 girls who had a high scoring away win against Skelton, running out victors by 13-0 with Gina and Lois grabbing four apiece, ably assisted by Tasha, Hannah, Ellie, Emily and Gabs all with one each.
Ably narrated by the author James Trueman, and enhanced with the inclusion of sound effects and theme music by Mikael Pettersson from a piece entitled 'pantheon Ian Venables--Stourhead Follies, each of the twelve chapters comprising "Uncle Sonny's Settee" is ably narrated and recorded.
No doubt Ben will ably handle any and all security on the matter.