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He proudly noted that Filipinos earned the reputation "Ablest Asiatic Seamen" or Asia's most able seafarers, a reputation that, based on current statistics, we still hold.
It would be unfortunate if this industry allowed him to walk away, armed as he is with 43 years of knowledge and experience, ingrained in him by some of the ablest teachers in mass retailing.
Our values have to change so that the ablest people want to get rich but not filthy rich, and, instead of flocking to Wall Street, want to start businesses that make useful products and create jobs paying decent wages.
He is one of the ablest, most creative public servants of our time."
Every child in the country up to the age of 16 years will be granted the right of acquiring learning, wisdom and virtue under the guidance of the ablest men and women of our time.
They described him as a force for good and one of the most steadfast and ablest leaders the Kingdom had ever produced.
Cheney was at the center of American politics for almost forty years, and long before he became the Darth Vader of American politics he had a reputation for being one of the ablest and most reform-minded members of the Republican Party.
Perhaps even more important, he is the ablest defender of the idea of government by consensus of all its members and the doctrine of nullification on which that form of government rests.
All but the ablest readers among Stephenie Meyer's fans will find Austen's seventeenth-century syntax a daunting read, with little resemblance to Meyer beyond its cover.
I will continue to direct our ablest students to use it.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan called her the "ablest person to assume this position."
Of leaders since Balfour only Winston Churchill, who was, after all, the last of the Victorians, was in the same class: Lloyd George one perhaps needs to place in a class of his own, for besides being perhaps the best public speaker and the ablest administrator of them all, he had a unique capacity for originality in his political opportunism which places him alongside Napoleon III and Mussolini rather than in the British political tradition.
Even though I was well-behaved, I certainly wasn't the ablest student.
Amarinder Singh, is the sheer genius of the late maharaja, whom he describes as one of the ablest rulers and military commanders in the history of Punjab, and indeed, of India.
"Anglesey looses more of its ablest young people than any other area in Wales, and we are trying our best to change this unfortunate situation."