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2002; Horan, Shortie, and Abler 2002) and thus overcome the type of environmental uncertainty explicitly modeled by Malik, Letson, and Crutch-field (1993) and Shortie and Horan (2001).
Up to this time it is the Saxon British mainly [who] hitherto have cultivated with some manfulness: and when a manfuller class of cultivators, stronger, worthier, to have such land, abler to bring fruit from it, shall make their appearance,--they, doubt it not .
Aydelotte responded, "The most persistent objection to this breaking of the academic lock step, to giving abler students harder work, is our academic interpretation or misinterpretation of the idea of democracy.
But Nunn does make clear that the balance of power must shift to abler -- more ruthless?
But were there not supposed to be abler, smarter people who get paid more than I do who might have figured this out before it all happened?
The Seneca Nation has been a prime focus of research for Abler (anthropology, U.
I continue to believe they have abler leaders in their ranks.
Such were the first several weeks after the elections, during which Jaroslaw Kaczynski and PiS under his guidance proved much abler players.
We would then have seen many of the younger, abler Labour MPs jumping ship, including, I suspect, Tony Blair ( though not, perhaps, Gordon Brown.
Some older and abler pupils may be able to turn narrative stories such as these into a dialogue, perhaps for a radio play, or a performance for younger learners.
The Randolph and Isham families were English gentry; when that blood mixed with stout lines of common people, the result was offspring stronger, steadier, and abler than either.
Davis - in fact one of the abler Tory politicians - gets a bucketload, with one newspaper using a photo of him appearing half-asleep in the House.
Italy's chief Masons never forgave Mussolini for hitting them hard: just as Mafiosi never forgave him for the successes which one of his abler administrators, Cesare Mori, achieved during the 1920s in bringing organised Sicilian crime under control.