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Abler. The consent decree also specifies that the medical providers will cease use of the medical questionnaire and implement policies prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities.
Spatial contiguity is the critical criterion of a region, as opposed to type (Abler, Adams, and Gould 1971), with location treated as an explicit parameter (Berry 1968).
Horan, Shortle, and Abler (2004) call the complementary BMP subsidization/WQT policy described above "double-dipping," and show under what circumstances double-dipping enhances the efficiency of NPS control.
There were plenty of abler, younger technocrats within the Central Bank who could have been given the post, but they did not possess the sole quality the president was looking for - loyalty to AKEL.
En el ambito de la investigacion academica, aunque la disponibilidad socioterritorial y el uso de las telecomunicaciones era un tema poco trabajado, los avances realizados mostraban promisorios adelantos gracias a la aportacion de pioneros de los estudios de la telefonia (Abler, 1970, 1975; Appleton, 1962; Gottman, 1977; Meier, 1962).
McChargue, Spring, Cook & Neumann, 2004), their expectative formation might be altered due to amygdala dysfunctions (Abler, Erk, Herwig & Walter, 2007).
They killed Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, and he was replaced by abler men.
Reservations are required in advance by calling Melissa Abler, the Kohler Waters Spa concierge, at (920) 453-2815.
The Iron Curtain becomes more threatening as the Soviets feel abler to stand their ground.
Kevin Gutzman is one of the abler young historians of the day.
According to her, UoE is rendering valuable service by making the teaching profession attractive to the youth by providing quality programs, providing fast track degree acquisition routes to abler students.
Surveys administered to college students since the mid 1970s generally show a move toward more liberal attitudes in the areas of petting, premarital sexual intercourse, and sexual acts (e.g., Abdo, 1985; Abler & Sedlacek, 1989; Hoge & Hoge, 1992; Ghule, Balaiah, & Joshi, 2007).
Mobility processes that help disseminate, or are directly concerned with the spatial mobility of a social issue or innovation, occur at many different geographic scales and can be quite different based on the resolution used in the study (Abler et al., 1971).
A much overlooked conceptualisation of resident attitudes is the early work by Butler (1975) who applied a matrix to help understand resident attitudes toward tourism initially developed by cultural geographers Abler, Janelle, Philbrick, and Sommer (1975) to describe cultural interaction (see Figure 3).