able to do

able to do something

to have the strength or skill to do something. (Able to can be replaced with can.) Are you able to carry those bags by yourself?
See also: able
References in classic literature ?
But in maintaining armed men there in place of colonies one spends much more, having to consume on the garrison all the income from the state, so that the acquisition turns into a loss, and many more are exasperated, because the whole state is injured; through the shifting of the garrison up and down all become acquainted with hardship, and all become hostile, and they are enemies who, whilst beaten on their own ground, are yet able to do hurt.
It is hard to make out what I mean, but this is a try at it, and I do not know that I shall be able to do better unless I add that Thackeray, of all the writers that I have known, is the most thoroughly and profoundly imbued with literature, so that when he speaks it is not with words and blood, but with words and ink.
And who is best able to do good to his friends and evil to his enemies in time of sickness?
And in what sort of actions or with a view to what result is the just man most able to do harm to his enemy and good to his friends?
I should certainly have never been able to do anything from being magnanimous--neither to forgive, for my assailant would perhaps have slapped me from the laws of nature, and one cannot forgive the laws of nature; nor to forget, for even if it were owing to the laws of nature, it is insulting all the same.
Hence the saying: One may know how to conquer without being able to do it.
She was face to face with the apparition we had met at the lake, and could now communicate with it as she had not then been able to do.
In that case," said the Shaggy Man, "you are now able to do us all a great favor.
I shall never, be able to believe," he said, "that the Countess Radantz was able to do more than support existence in a small American town - without society, with no scope for her ambitions, detached altogether from the whole civilized world.
I was able to do but very little service wherever I was to go, except it was to run of errands and be a drudge to some cookmaid, and this they told me of often, which put me into a great fright; for I had a thorough aversion to going to service, as they called it
I think too many people ask the quarterback to do things that they're not able to do, whether physically or mentally.
I can't believe they were able to do this back then," said John Humont, Foundry Consultants Inc.
This is well within the scope of what they're able to do,'' Nelson replied.
Expect the children to move around as soon as they are developmentally able to do so and develop strategies for tracking movements in your field notes
Attendant with that also in a joint setting is to be able to pick our people up with combat search and rescue assets, regardless of who those folks are, whether it's a Navy crew, an Army crew or a Marine crew, to be able to do this at range relative to the operations that we've got in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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