able to cut

able to cut it

Capable of performing at a high level; capable of success. I know she hasn't had that much experience in this field, but I think she will be able to cut it. We've done everything in our power to keep this program on its feet, but it is simply not able to cut it financially any longer. I have to nail this presentation—I have to prove to the boss that I'm able to cut it!
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able to cut something

Fig. to be able to manage or execute something. (Often negative. Able to can be replaced with can.) We thought he could handle the new account, but he is simply not able to cut it.
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In this scrap-book is such testimony relating to my shady side, as I have within the past ten years been able to cut from the columns of my competitors in the business of elevating humanity to a higher plane of mind and morals - my 'loathsome contemporaries.'"
Thus you will be able to cut off all his seven heads.
As I was not able to cut my dinner, the old landlord with a shining bald head did it for me.
It was their opinion, and mine too, that they would be troubled no more with the savages, or if they were, they would be able to cut them off, if they were twice as many as before; so they had no concern about that.
It was vain to think of One Ear so outdistancing his pursuers as to be able to cut across their circle in advance of them and to regain the sled.
Achilles glared at him and answered, "Dog, talk not to me neither of knees nor parents; would that I could be as sure of being able to cut your flesh into pieces and eat it raw, for the ill you have done me, as I am that nothing shall save you from the dogs--it shall not be, though they bring ten or twenty-fold ransom and weigh it out for me on the spot, with promise of yet more hereafter.
She seemed to be able to cut herself adrift from him, and to pass away to unknown places where she had no need of him.
I think with this I'll be able to cut shapes like him.
With a recent partnership with a national plate manufacturer, Yazoo says it was able to cut costs of printing plates in half while maintaining the same level of quality and service.
"What we have done is reduce the cost of energy charges so that companies are able to cut their bills...
The newest addition to the line is a pore treatment gel.The product is a patented spot treatment, able to cut through greasy skin and penetrate pores to bring the medication to the heart of the pimple.
Trust executives say they have been able to cut down the length of recovery time for patients from weeks to a matter of days.
Beirut, Rajab 1, 1434, May 11, 2013, SPA - A Syrian activist says opposition forces have been able to cut a newly built desert road linking the capital Damascus with the northern city of Aleppo.
Summary: France says it will only be able to cut its deficit to 3.7 percent of gross domestic product this year -- above the 3 percent limit set by the European Union.
They were able to cut part of the zimmer frame and he was taken to Heartlands Hospital with part of the device still stuck in his thumb.
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