able to breathe again

able to breathe again

1. Literally, capable of inhaling and exhaling without difficulty. Once the climbers returned from the top of the mountain, they felt like they were finally able to breathe again.
2. Figuratively, recuperating from a busy or stressful period of time. After a long, hectic summer, many parents feel like they are able to breathe again once their kids are back in school.
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able to breathe (easily) again

 and able to breathe (freely) again 
1. Lit. able to breathe clean, fresh air with no restriction or obstruction. After I got out of the dank basement, I was able to breathe easily again.
2. Fig. able to relax and recover from a busy or stressful time; able to catch one's breath. (Able to can be replaced with can.) Final exams are over, so I can breathe easily again.
See also: able, again, breathe

breathe (freely) again

relax after being frightened or tense about something.
See also: again, breathe

breathe (easily/freely) again

no longer need to be afraid, worried, etc: I was able to breathe easily again once I knew the children were safe.
See also: again, breathe
References in classic literature ?
I was able to breathe again freely, after the utter destruction of all my plans for the future, and of all the hopes that I had founded on them.
"The whole Brexit episode has been so insulting and dishonest that I refused to hear any more garbage from the press or politicians and threw myself into reading all the European classics I could to be able to breathe again.
Rodrigo said: "My surgeon guaranteed he can fix my breathing, so finally I will be able to breathe again but there is a risk that my skin will not tolerate the surgery.
Tom Villarin on Friday slammed as 'cold-hearted opportunism' the plan of the economic managers of President Rodrigo Duterte to proceed with the second tranche of oil excise tax hike set on January 2019 'just when consumers are able to breathe again because of decreasing oil prices.'
He partially moved the blockage allowing the woman, who has not been named, to be able to breathe again - albeit not fully - whilst paramedics raced to the scene.
The midfielder struck it cleanly, but it curled late and the keeper was able to breathe again.
I needed to be nebulised to be able to breathe again. After that I became physically unable to do my work and was finally granted retirement on the grounds of ill health in June.
I hope we will see many of the undemocratic laws and policies put in place by the AKP in recent times rolled back; that journalists will be able to breathe again and will no longer have to self-censor their work or live in fear of being arrested for something they have written.
But I was able to breathe again once I realized the battery had depleted and the gasoline engine had kicked in.
"I started rubbing her chest again and after a few seconds she took a big intake of air and was able to breathe again. Her breathing was very shallow and she was very weak.
But the attempt - Blues' tenth of the half - was parried away for a corner and Sheffield were able to breathe again.
We need as an institution and as a culture to be kicked again and again till we shed some rough skin and are able to breathe again. Till we can stop denying Christ and regain some of our confidence.
Jay Brogan almost doubled YMCA's lead a few minutes later with an audacious lob from 18 yards, but HAFC were able to breathe again when the ball rebounded from the bar.
"And when a crisis occurs, it abandons us?"When the Royal Jordanian airlines jet took off for Amman, Palestinian students say they were able to breathe again, but they cried for their Palestinian friends and colleagues still stuck in Libya.One unnamed returning student said, "What's happening there is very serious, especially after our Palestinian ambassador in Libya told the media he is doing his duty the fullest."Ambassador Atef Mustafa Awda said, "The words coming from some of these students are untrue." He claimed that Palestinian students were "sleeping in the Palestinian embassy in Libya" and that the embassy had bought plane tickets for them to Amman.
"We are all able to breathe again and work together as a band.
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