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to the best of (one's) ability

To the limit of one's skills, resources, or energy; as well as one is able to do. I tried to the best of my ability to secure a seat at the event, but it was impossible to find tickets. Police have been searching to the best of their abilities, but so far there has been no sign of the missing teenager.
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to the best of one's ability

as well as one is able. I did the work to the best of my ability. You should always work to the best of your ability.
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Other evidence suggests that women may be less likely to pursue careers in certain mathematical fields not because of a lack of ability in these areas, but because they may be biologically predisposed to prefer other careers.
As a whole these studies illuminate an important point about sex differences and the quest for equality in general: there are myriad factors that influence the differences between men and women, whether these differences are in mathematical ability, career choices, desires, interactions, the way they see the world, or the way they see themselves.
People are individuals first--just because empirical evidence shows a general difference between men and women on spatial-rotation ability doesn't mean every man will outperform every woman.
Another possible interpretation could be that there is low interest in using clerical ability despite being good at it.
The "Interpreting Your Ability Explorer Results" section of Figure 1 lists the activities to help develop each ability and the courses to take that can help improve an ability area.
The counselor's report also provides a detailed summary of the client's two highest abilities; the ability responses indicated as very good and good; the specific activities reported as done very well, well, not well, and not tried; and the grades in courses (with grades indicated as A or B; C, D, or F; and not taken).
Regardless of their unique ability patterns, people may be considered satisfied when they continue to work in the same occupation.
While payments for ability have increased somewhat in the past 15 years, there remains a substantial increase in the payment for education unrelated to the authors' measure of ability.
Their implicit claim that ability drives the economic return to education, and the recent increase in the economic return to education, fails to pass empirical muster.
The third source of the bell curve's failure lies in the details of its analysis of the impact of ability on measured outcomes such as earnings.
Most of these tests appear to be achievement tests rather than ability tests (i.
Improvements desired: Analysis of married filing jointly (MFJ) and married filing separately (MFS); multistate processing capabilities; improvement in state programs; improvements in client letter; calculation trail for estimated tax (ES), Social Security (SE) and net operating losses (NOLs); integration of tax projections; improved manual; ability to override depreciation input on state forms; support for direct electronic filing; more states for business returns; earlier release of fiduciary software; special allocations for partnerships.
Best features: Ease of use; flexibility of data entry; duplex printing support; calculation on demand; automatic completion of alternative minimum tax (AMT), passive activity losses (PALs) and NOLs; ability to customize letters, invoices and printing; technical support.
Ability to select system defaults to meet users' individual practice needs.
Its strengths include multistate capabilities, support for New York City and other major cities' tax forms and the ability to handle complex returns.