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to the best of (one's) ability

To the limit of one's skills, resources, or energy; as well as one is able to do. I tried to the best of my ability to secure a seat at the event, but it was impossible to find tickets. Police have been searching to the best of their abilities, but so far there has been no sign of the missing teenager.
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to the best of one's ability

as well as one is able. I did the work to the best of my ability. You should always work to the best of your ability.
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The wise man gazed thoughtfully at the eager visitor for a moment and then responded; 'Yes, these three abilities do exist...and they are meaningful only to people of greatness.' The visitor hurriedly assured the wise man; 'Oh yes, I am a man of true greatness.
Spatial abilities, specifically visualization, play a critical role in the success of professions such as engineering, industrial and technical, mathematical, and scientific professions.
Instead of focusing on their many existing abilities, these students should be encouraged to explore other aspects of their lives, such as their values, life goals, and leisure activities (Stewart, 1999).
"'Left-brain' dominance is giving way to a new world in which artistic and holistic right-brain abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who falls behind," Pink writes.
Shepherd anticipates plenty in the future for assessment software, such as better stimulus, videos, sounds, simulations, and better measurement of abilities.
By developing and adopting common scales for measuring core student abilities such as reading and math, we can use assessments in a meaningful way that will help students of all abilities learn and achieve in schools throughout the country.
What was new in Gardner's theory was (1) his proposal of how those abilities are related; (2) his criteria for identifying intelligences; and (3) his labeling as intelligences what others have called abilities.
The findings of this study will allow camp professionals, seasonal employees, and the camp community to clearly explain why summer camp employment is a "real job." These findings will help the camp profession establish the bridge that connects and transfers the skills, talents, attributes, and abilities enhanced through a summer camp employment experience to life beyond summer camp.
This study sought to determine whether self-estimates of work-relevant abilities can improve upon the validity of test estimates (scores).
The cognitive and social sciences provide a foundation for those wishing to improve young men's self-awareness and decision-making abilities about relationships, sex, contraception, pregnancy and parenthood.
Although most people know mental abilities decline with age, the, increasing public awareness of Alzheimers disease sometimes makes us question our own thinking and reasoning abilities.
Adults differ distinctly in terms of such factors as motivation, interest, values, attitudes, physical and mental abilities, and learning histories.
Students (n=131) in 4th, 8th, and 11th grades from three public schools in Shanghai were interviewed about their beliefs regarding their own abilities in physical education.
Some abilities decline, some may not change, and others may actually improve, he says.