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so kung ano man yun, I will abide by the decision of the Nacionalista Party.
He advised the public to abide by traffic laws, follow signboards and park their bikes, heavy vehicles in the designated parking areas.
Berliner added that unless the NLDC agrees again to abide by the moratorium, Connecticut political leaders must formally pass one to force the NLDC to honor its word.
I think that reasonable people on either side are going to abide by it.
There was concern that people who represent the church abide by the lifestyle expected of them.
The world governing body has dug its heels in and ordered all English clubs to abide by the ruling, which means that transfers will be permissible only in the off-season and during January.
The new rule will bring to a close a decade in which the board had effectively allowed--though hardly encouraged--companies to continue to abide by APB 25, Accounting for Stock Issued to Employees (issued in 1972), which permitted use of an intrinsic valuation scheme for options that didn't impact earnings.
Carrick said Hahn has proposed a series of campaign finance reforms - all of which are pending before the city Ethics Commission - and will abide by them.
States, he wrote, are not required to abide by the separation of church and state.
MTNA recognizes that most of our members abide by the Code by choice, not because someone is keeping score or because they may be punished if caught.
I recently dispatched (my) special envoys (to the Middle East) judging that it is important for countries neighboring Iraq to call on it to abide by U.
FM Saud Al Faisal issues a statement in New York saying: "All signatories to the UN Charter, including Saudi Arabia, are obligated to abide by the decisions of the Security Council, in particular those taken under Chapter Seven of the Charter".
Asked whether "American companies that operate in other countries should be expected to abide by U.
The clause requires teachers to abide by the teaching of the Church in the classroom as well as in their personal life outside the school.
Winning candidate Frank Dobson said he did not believe Mr Living-stone would stand, saying the election process was behind them and candidates must now abide by the result.