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hold something in abeyance

to stall or postpone something. This is a good plan but not at this time. Let's just hold it in abeyance until things get better. We will hold the matter in abeyance until we hear from you.
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in abeyance

in reserve. Until the judge determined that the evidence could be used in the trial, it was held in abeyance. I kept my opinion in abeyance.
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An FA commission will decide on the appeal with the result at the Oval being held in abeyance.
The suspension, currently in abeyance, would appear
Like a flaneur of the corpus, the viewer has the impression of passing through a set of labyrinths without ever penetrating, and this sense of being held in abeyance, vexed, is weirdly erotic.
Finally, we emphasize that we do not believe a decision to defer action on the Treasury's proposals means that action to staunch abusive tax shelters activities must be held in abeyance.
The issue has gained in importance because while it is being studied, a federal process to study noise issues at the airport is being held in abeyance.
For this reason, we are asking that our alternative regulation plan be held in abeyance.
The judge held the eviction in abeyance for those who put in defenses, such as for a breach of the warranty of habit-ability, until the issue could be resolved by a Special Referee.
The proceedings in Alberta and Saskatchewan are also currently in abeyance.
The former president is charged with abrogating, subverting, suspending, holding in abeyance and attempting to conspire against the 1973 Constitution by declaring emergency and overthrowing the superior judiciary in November 2007.
Expressing mistrust over the Chief Justice of Pakistan, the former army chief requested the apex court to constitute the full court minus CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to hear five identical petitions against him for subverting the constitution and holding it in abeyance, reports the Daily Times.
Musharraf will be the first military ruler to stand trial for high treason, and in case of conviction, he could be awarded life imprisonment or even death penalty private complaint under Article 6 of the constitution and other relevant laws against the former President for subverting, abrogating, suspending, and holding in abeyance the constitution.
Incomplete forms shall not be entertained but shall be held in abeyance till the deficiencies are removed.
The federal government and the CDA had thrashed out phase-I and phase-II plans to either upgrade the recognised slums or shift them to an alternate place but the shortage of funds and non-identification of land has put the scheme in abeyance.
The negotiations are presently in abeyance in view of review of the model text of BIPA.