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hold (something) in abeyance

To delay or suspend something. How long do you think they will hold the decision in abeyance? I'm eager to know what they think.
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in abeyance

A phrase used to describe something as pending or suspended. How long do you think they will hold the decision in abeyance? I'm eager to know what they think.
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hold something in abeyance

to stall or postpone something. This is a good plan but not at this time. Let's just hold it in abeyance until things get better. We will hold the matter in abeyance until we hear from you.
See also: abeyance, hold

in abeyance

in reserve. Until the judge determined that the evidence could be used in the trial, it was held in abeyance. I kept my opinion in abeyance.
See also: abeyance
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If the Sandiganbayan decided to grant Durano's motion and hold in abeyance any further action on the case, then it is already tantamount to a suspension of arraignment.
They said: "Cash retract payments are not held in abeyance.
The learned court kept in abeyance the personal appearance of these respondents.
The letter to the countys Local Agency Formation Commission seeks for a abeyance on annexations of county land to the city of Los Angeles in the Northwest San Fernando Valley.
The planning committee is being recommended to allow the AH provision to be placed in abeyance for three years.
On that day Musharraf had put the constitution in abeyance, imposed a state of emergency, removed dozens of superior court judges and also allegedly detained them.
On March 15, Narayanasamy had assured the agitating members that the UPSC notification giving weightage to English in exams would be kept in abeyance.
The Welsh Government's transport department have requested the Cilmedw application be held in abeyance until the outstanding matters are resolved.
RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) With the 5 Empire held in abeyance, Luke, Han and Leia kicked back in the Ewok village in the sixth Star Wars movie.
In a statement released on Wednesday, he said that his bid for the presidency of the republic also stems from his conviction of the need to speed up the settlement of problems in abeyance.
Tata Motors' counsel Samaraditya Pal had requested the state advocate-general to consider keeping the distribution of land in abeyance and the AG had stated that he'd think over it during the weekend and communicate on Monday.
Could Coun Mutton tell us why these sites have been in abeyance for so long, and what is being done generally to attract new retailers to Coventry.
Some of the flights cancelled on June 9, eight days after a Chilean volcano started erupting , has still been held in abeyance due to ash cloud created by the volcanic eruption.
A Uwic spokeswoman said: "With the news that the Uwic board of governors have agreed that there is a prima facie case for Uwic to become part of a new University of Wales, and that it is envisaged that Uwic will become the University of Wales in Cardiff, still known as Uwic, the application to the Privy Council for change of name to Cardiff Metropolitan University has been put in abeyance.
The Parliament has since approved 11 resignations, leaving the remaining seven in abeyance for two months.