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abet (someone) in

To help someone in an activity, usually an illegal one. If you drove the robber's getaway car, then you abetted him in a crime! Everyone thinks you abetted Connie in starting this rumor.
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aid and abet

To assist someone, usually in a mischievous or illegal activity. Gary was arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the jewelry thief. I know other kids aided and abetted Paul in egging our house—he's just the only one who got caught.
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abet someone in something

to help someone in some deed; to help someone do something illegal. Surely you do not expect me to abet you in this crime!
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aid and abet someone

Cliché to help someone; to incite someone to do something, possibly something that is wrong. (Originally a legal phrase.) He was scolded for aiding and abetting the boys who were fighting.
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aid and abet

If someone aids and abets another person, they help or encourage them to do something criminal or wrong. His wife was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for aiding and abetting him. Note: This expression is often used in legal contexts.
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aid and abet

help and encourage someone to do something wrong, especially to commit a crime.
Abet comes from an Old French term meaning ‘to encourage a hound to bite’.
1986 Frank Peretti This Present Darkness She strained to think of…any friend who would still aid and abet a fugitive from the law, without questions.
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