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abduct (someone) from

To kidnap. Someone abducted that little girl from her parents' home in the middle of the night. I hope the dog wasn't abducted from our yard. Security cameras captured a male in a dark sweater abducting the boy from his school.
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abduct someone from someone or something

to take away or kidnap a person from someone or from a particular place, usually in secret. The thugs abducted the child from her mother.
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The Rescue Association gave senior posts to conservative politicians and worked with them to use the abductee issue to derail normalization talks and shift the government's overall approach to North Korea.
In a similar way the responses of alien abductees range from horror to love toward their abductors.
on Sunday, a bus with scores of abductees on board, mostly children and women, got out of Douma City through al-Wafedeen corridor before heading for al-Faihaa hall in Damascus City which arrived to a crowd of families.
Abdul Malik expressed his delight over the safe release of the abductees. He said without the support of the Khyber Political Alliance, the political administration, journalists community and members of the Parliament, the release of their relatives could not have been possible.
Shigeo, who heads the abductee families' group and the National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea, and Koichiro gave the poster made by the Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea to Kim in March last year when the three met for the first time in Busan, South Korea.
Embassy in Tokyo, said the abduction issue should be a priority for the United States, according to Shigeo Iizuka, brother of abductee Yaeko Taguchi.
In the Beijing meeting, Japan agreed to ease some of the sanctions it has imposed on Pyongyang, including conditionally lifting a ban on North Korean ships calling at Japanese ports, on the assumption that North Korea will carry out the reinvestigation into the abductee issue.
The delegation which was accompanied by MNA Ghulam Bilour paid rich tributes to KP Police for timely recovery of abductee Saddam who was kidnapped from outside his home in Peshawar.
JAPAN MUST PRESS DPRK IN ABDUCTEE PROBE (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Yomiuri Shimbun)
The father of Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota plans to make a three-day visit to South Korea from May 11 to meet the kin of a South Korean abductee who is believed to be the husband of Megumi in North Korea, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.
After a protest in front of the North Korean mission to the United Nations on Tuesday, the group will visit Washington to join Sakie Yokota, the mother of Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota.
KHANPUR -- Khanpur police on Tuesday claimed to have got freed three abductees from the clutches of bandits during an encounter.
ADEN, July 9 (KUNA) -- The Yemeni government has strongly condemned the sentences handed down by a court controlled by the Houthi militia on Tuesday to execute 30 abductees. The declaration of the Houthi militia that it will carry out the execution of 30 abductees within 15 days is considered a crime against the human rights, The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights said in a statement published by Yemen' news agency (Saba).
Police spokesman said on Saturday that among the abductees included 6-year-old deaf/dumb girl Eshal Arshad resident of Mohallah Ismail Town, Ayesha Ashfaq resident of Sitiana Road, Naila resident of Mohallah Islam Pura, Ulfat Bashir resident of Chak 215/R-B and minor Ali Hasnain resident of Batala Colony.
Nine foreign abductees were recovered by Levies forces on Friday following a heavy exchange of fire near the Pak-Iran border in Balochistan.Reportedly, on a tip-off, a raid was conducted in the Taftan neighbourhood in Chagai district.