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abduct (someone) from

To kidnap. Someone abducted that little girl from her parents' home in the middle of the night. I hope the dog wasn't abducted from our yard.
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abduct someone from someone or something

to take away or kidnap a person from someone or from a particular place, usually in secret. The thugs abducted the child from her mother.
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Typically, these women abduct newborns from hospitals or from the child's home, and often live miles away from the place of the abduction.
December 17, 2010 (BOR) -- Two women were killed as gunmen abduct three children in Jonglei state's Bor county on Thursday, local authorities and a wounded surviver told the Sudan Tribune on Friday.
The LRA has targeted schools, churches and villages to abduct boys, whom it uses as soldiers, and girls, who are often used as sex slaves for LRA commanders.
ROSAMOND - A freed Georgia rapist facing charges of trying to abduct a teenager last month in Palmdale has now been charged in the kidnapping of three other young women less than two hours later in Rosamond.
The son of Shoji Terakoshi, who went missing while fishing at sea in 1963, said Monday he intends to file a criminal complaint with the Ishikawa prefectural police accusing a North Korean agent of murdering his father while attempting to abduct him.
Her case came to light March 16 when Megumi Yao, the former wife of one of nine Japanese who hijacked a Japan Airlines jet to North Korea in 1970, told a court she helped abduct Arimoto.