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give (one) the screaming abdabs

To cause one to feel very anxious, uneasy, or annoyed. The origin of the word "abdabs" is unknown, though it is generally associated with feelings of anxiety. No, we're actually driving there because the thought of flying gives my wife the screaming abdabs.
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give someone the screaming abdabs

induce an attack of extreme anxiety or irritation in someone.
Abdabs (or habdabs ) is mid 20th-century slang whose origin is unknown. The word is sometimes also used to mean an attack of delirium tremens.
See also: abdabs, give, scream, someone
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Vince first heard Alison sing with an R&B band called The Screaming Abdabs in Southend FC social club.
They called their band architectural Abdabs. 1965: Nick Banks, 39, drummer with Pulp, whose hits include Common People and Do You Remember the First Time?
So the more bizarre,deadly, tropical, disfiguring and downright stomach- churning a condition is, the more likely it is to give the public a case of the screaming abdabs -so on the front page it goes.
Otherwise he may initiate the kind of sexual behaviour that you associate with abuse, and, instead of great pleasure, give you the screaming abdabs.
Mainland Britain was once a shining example of how to stand up to terrorists like the IRA without getting the screaming abdabs.
Music: I rather favoured the Screaming Abdabs until they all choked on their own vomit at the Plumpton Rockfest in 1987.
Look at Brian Wilson, the Beach Boy who surprised his surfing bandmates by ditching the surf twang and heading out on some celestial ocean of the mind involving sandpits, firemen's helmets and screaming abdabs.