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abbreviate (something) to

1. To shorten a word or phrase into an abbreviation or acronym. Many government agencies have long names that are often abbreviated to acronyms. The pop star abbreviated her name to the first letter of her first name and the first two letters of her last name.
2. To condense or shorten something. During our busy season, our lunch hour is often abbreviated to 30 minutes so we can keep up with the demand. The judge abbreviated the sentence to just 10 months.
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abbreviated piece of nothing

Someone who is entirely unimportant, unsuccessful, or without power or influence. He's an abbreviated piece of nothing at the office; no one even knows he exists.
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abbreviate something to something

1. and abbreviate something as something to make specific initials or an acronym out of a word or phrase. The phrase was abbreviated to ABC.
2. to make something into a shorter version of itself. The act has been abbreviated to just a few minutes.
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abbreviated piece of nothing

n. an insignificant person or thing. Tell that abbreviated piece of nothing to get his tail over here, but fast.
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Creators with millions of subcribers will see their subscriber count abbreviated as well.
For both readers, the reading time was significantly lower with the abbreviated protocol than with the complete protocol.
As a result, the regular abbreviated pathway for biosimilars (in Colombia, the comparability pathway) will most likely be further abbreviated, becoming as such, the abbreviated comparability pathway, established by the Colombian Decree.
The data of this study were collected from the new submissions of both full and abbreviated dossiers, in which the evaluation was completed between January 1 and December 31, 2014 by the Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan.
The abbreviated dial code is a cost-effective mobile solution that reinforces brand awareness, results in high response rates and quantifies marketing return on investment." noted Anthony Macaluso, chairman and chief innovation officer of Single Touch.
"Companies choosing to file abbreviated accounts run the risk of being branded with a poor credit rating, irrespective of their true profitability and cash strength," he added.
* Million, billion: These terms can be abbreviated in headlines.
There are two kinds of short stories: one, the moment-frozen-in-time dissection of a particular event; and two, the all-encompassing storytelling of a writer like Alice Munro, which is in essence a kind of abbreviated novel--a full-length narrative boiled down to its essential details, but which still tells an entire story.
If the abbreviated web version is anything to go by it is comprehensive--although the editors are addicted to redundant capital letters, tiny type and horrible words like 'gifted' which used to be an adjective but seems to have become a verb, a substitute for the now deeply unfashionable 'to give'.
This editorial, slated for the January 3 edition of CMAJ, was published in an abbreviated form after protests from the pharmacists' association.
Celebrations this year in New Orleans, abbreviated but not abandoned, will culminate on Fat Tuesday, of course, and all eyes in America will focus yet again on what's left of New Orleans as the town pulls itself together for the 2006 celebrations.
The large-size drawings are whimsical and fun.Geoffrey Kloske and Barry Blitt's Once Upon A Time, The End (Asleep In 60 Seconds) presents a picture book of fairy tales with something different: they're told in short, abbreviated versions with only the 'important parts' featured.
This is the original story that includes all of Pinocchio's travels including getting ambushed by vile assassins, strung up in a tree, drowned in the sea, nursed back to health by a beautiful blue-haired fairy, slaying a large serpent through laughter, chained up as a dog to catch thieving weasels, arrested for fighting with classmates, almost eaten by a ravenous fisherman, saving a great mastiff and being saved by the mastiff in return, morphing into a performing donkey, flying on the back of a pigeon, getting swallowed by a gigantic shark, saving Geppetto's life, and so much more that most readers will be completely unaware of if the only contact they've had with this sophisticated story is the Disney movie and the abbreviated children's picture book versions.
Windows monitors which functions you use most and will display an abbreviated menu tailored to your needs, which could look like this:
Students are learning to get their thoughts across quickly via computer writing but teachers say some abbreviated terminology, like "b4" for before and "b/c" for because, is showing up in classroom essays.