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abandon (oneself) to

To allow oneself to enjoy something fully. On the chilly fall day, Maria abandoned herself to the comforts of hot tea and a warm blanket.
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abandon ship

1. Literally, to escape from a sinking ship. We had to abandon ship after the collision with the rocks tore a hole in the hull.
2. By extension, to leave a failing organization or bad situation. Amid rumors that the company was filing for bankruptcy, the employees started to abandon ship.
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abandon ship

1. Lit. to leave a sinking ship. The captain ordered the crew and passengers to abandon ship.
2. . Fig. to leave a failing enterprise. A lot of the younger people are abandoning ship because they can get jobs elsewhere easily.
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Since April 1 last year, North Lanarkshire Council has received 898 complaints about abandoned cars.
Sadly, one of reasons so drivers are their vehicles to the cost owning a Amanda Stretton The number of abandoned and destroyed cars has increased greatly from 2013 when there were only 276 vehicles reported or removed in Coventry and 26 destroyed.
OSM administers the Abandoned Mine Lands Fund and forms cooperative partnerships with states and tribes to fulfill statutory responsibilities under the Surface Mining and Control Act (SCMRA).
Seaton Carew 269-5 (M Skirving 48, K Ali 78, U Arshad 57, P Braithwaite 54), Great Ayton 93-4 (C Allinson 32) - match abandoned, rain.
In Muscat, abandoned cars are a big problem, especially in the Wilayat of Greater Muttrah, Seeb, Bausher and, to a lesser extent, in Al Amerat and Quriyat.
Forest Service, the EPA and other agencies launched an online portal to collect information about abandoned mines.
When police discover an abandoned car, they issue a warning notice.
Ravi town checked 79 abandoned buildings in its jurisdiction and lodged two FIRs on two building owners over the search of dengue larva.
He said 44 abandoned buildings were renovated and reused by their owners.
A study prepared in 2011 for the Ground Water Protection Council based in Oklahoma cited 30 episodes from 1993 to 2008 of orphaned wells or abandoned drilling sites' polluting groundwater in Texas.
CEDAR COURT CONFERENCE TWO Almondbury v Cumberworth abandoned 2pts each.
WORCESTER - Ten years ago, there were so many abandoned vehicles on the streets that neighborhood leaders across the city appealed to City Hall for quick action.
FOUR abandoned bags and a bike in five different locations of Delhi within a period of three- four hours on Monday created panic among Delhiites, already in fear after the Hyderabad blasts.
TOday Doncaster Abandoned Huntingdon Abandoned TOMORROW Cheltenham Inspection 8am today but officials very optimistic.
Dubai: More than 40 abandoned buildings and yards have been demolished in different areas of the emirate with and over 350 additional structures marked for a similar fate.