abandon (oneself) to

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abandon (oneself) to

To allow oneself to enjoy something fully. On the chilly fall day, Maria abandoned herself to the comforts of hot tea and a warm blanket.
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abandon oneself to something

to yield to the comforts or delights of something. The children abandoned themselves to the delights of the warm summer day.
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abandon someone or something to someone or something

to leave a person, living creature, or thing to the care of someone or something; to give up someone or something to someone or something. (Usually with the thought that the abandoned person or thing will not receive the best of care.) They had to abandon the dogs to the storm.
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abandon to

1. To desert someone or something in some situation: Because it was too dangerous for us to save our sinking boat, we had to abandon it to the storm's waves.
2. To allow someone to accept or enjoy something without resisting it. Used reflexively: At the amusement park I abandoned myself to the excitement of the roller coaster rides.
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References in classic literature ?
The young man and the young girl, so far as our deaf man could judge, without hearing a single one of their words, appeared to abandon themselves to a very tender tête-a-tête.
And for those of you who hate the prospect of spending lonely hours at the gym for that perfect body, the exhilarating dance-fitness beats are sure to make people forget they are exercising as they abandon themselves to the rhythm of the music.
They decide the only way to save their marriage and revitalise their lives is by moving to Paris and they abandon themselves to the dream like a pair of silly kids - until reality, as it often does, bites.
He asks why high-flying businessmen, lawyers and Wall Street brokers seek to abandon themselves to a dominatrix.
The issue that has occupied everyone instead is how they would win it and, in particular, if they would abandon themselves to their flair.
The many individuals who abandon themselves to sexual perversions, violence, and drugs fall into this group.
If we adults frown on the concept of play,how can we expect our children to abandon themselves to it?
At first, the tourists appear sheepish, reserved and unsure of themselves while the local flock abandon themselves to the choir's soaring harmonies and the Rev Green's riffing on the scriptures, but they are soon possessed by the atmosphere and it's not long before everyone has an 'Amen' for the man upstairs.
First, as I said above, I don't agree that traditional Jewish prayers express only men's hopes and that women must abandon themselves to use the language of collective Jewish prayer.
Mezlekia delivers a serious narrative, rewarding those who abandon themselves to the world he creates with a startlingly sharper insight into their own.
But her magical ability also causes disruption as the customers abandon themselves to her temptations.
So Frederick Pope, Kaspar Weiss and Charles Morritz can do little else but abandon themselves to the violin.
Some characters evidently fall under the spell of the moment, and while they may be fully aware of the potential consequences of their actions (pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS), choose to abandon themselves to their desires.
While all the authors explain why a particular vendor was selected, often beginning with the homely details of local requirements, demands of governing boards, and the submission of RFPs, none of these witnesses abandon themselves to unbridled enthusiasm about the person they married.
Dreams of escape and release are bound up in his recovery and for now, at least, fans can abandon themselves to thoughts of the epic tale their footballing angel may yet have to tell.