abandon (oneself) to

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abandon (oneself) to

To allow oneself to enjoy something fully. On the chilly fall day, Maria abandoned herself to the comforts of hot tea and a warm blanket.
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abandon oneself to something

to yield to the comforts or delights of something. The children abandoned themselves to the delights of the warm summer day.
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abandon someone or something to someone or something

to leave a person, living creature, or thing to the care of someone or something; to give up someone or something to someone or something. (Usually with the thought that the abandoned person or thing will not receive the best of care.) They had to abandon the dogs to the storm.
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abandon to

1. To desert someone or something in some situation: Because it was too dangerous for us to save our sinking boat, we had to abandon it to the storm's waves.
2. To allow someone to accept or enjoy something without resisting it. Used reflexively: At the amusement park I abandoned myself to the excitement of the roller coaster rides.
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References in classic literature ?
I felt that in traversing the Prairies, I could never abandon myself to the scene, forgetful of all else; as I should do instinctively, were the heather underneath my feet, or an iron-bound coast beyond; but should often glance towards the distant and frequently-receding line of the horizon, and wish it gained and passed.
The case is so hopeless, and I feel that I am wallowing in such a bog of nonsense, that I give up all idea of getting out, and abandon myself to my fate.
But after reading it, I got scared to abandon myself to God, so I abandoned the prayer instead.
I had to abandon myself to be able to truly do this life of fame in the music industry," the singer confessed.
I can abandon myself to where I am--learning patience, forbearance, faith, and sometimes even (gulp!) surrender.
An hour later I positively float out of the hotel's Angsana Spa, happy to abandon myself to anything the rest of the day brings.
I found myself wishing that the journal entries had instead been offered as an appendix, so that I could abandon myself to the story without forever going off on tangents.