a worm's-eye view

worm's eye view

A limited understanding of something due to a lack of a broad perspective. It is the opposite of the more common phrase "bird's eye view." Because he was stuck in the same menial position for so long, he only had a worm's eye view of how the business operated.
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a worm's-eye view

the view looking up at something from ground level.
This expression was formed on the pattern of bird's-eye view (see bird). It usually refers to the viewpoint of a humble or insignificant person who is witnessing important events or people.
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a worm’s-eye ˈview

the opinion of somebody who is closely involved in something: I’m afraid I can’t give you a general overview of the situation. I can only offer you a worm’s-eye view that is based on my own experience.
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But on the newer crop of medical examiner shows like CSI and its clone CSI: Miami or Crossing Jordan the body of the deceased has a starring (and recurring) role, and over and over again we get a worm's-eye view of the bodies, bringing us up close and personal to every micron of injured flesh and shattered bone.
Getting a worm's-eye view of the incident when Vladimir Smicer fell under the challenge of keeper Nicky Weaver, Poll ruled it was a spot- kick.
The camera has been placed almost at the same level as the tablecloth, giving us a worm's-eye view. Every detail of the stitching is seen in bumpy close-up (a strategy that recalls the paintings of Italian Pop artist Domenico Gnoli).
But a worm's-eye view of UN results that ignores UN officials in New York and elsewhere misses much of the relevant story, as well as an opportunity to understand why international security institutions are failing.
Accountants, he explains, have what amounts to both a bird's-eye and a worm's-eye view of a business: They can examine an enterprise from broad, aerial perspectives and simultaneously look at it from the ground--a detailed view of any and all portions of the business.