a wise guy

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wise guy

1. One who is sarcastic or makes jokes in an attempt to seem witty, usually to others' annoyance; a smart aleck. Joe is such a wise guy that it's hard to know when he's being serious. Every class seems to have one disruptive wise guy.
2. A mobster. I wouldn't bother those shady characters sitting in the corner booth—they're all wise guys.
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a ˈwise guy

(informal, disapproving, especially American English) a man who speaks or behaves as if he knows much more than other people: OK, wise guy, what do you think we should do then?
See also: guy, wise
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He was a wise-ass," says Siguenza of the cofounder of the Youth International Party, a.
On one board, an earnest Rage fan gives a long definition and defense of democratic socialism, while another, not clearly trying to be a wise-ass, replies, "Sweden is run by social democrats--All it really is is super high taxes.
He's gay, extremely articulate and has a penchant for being manipulative and a wise-ass.