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Moreover, wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems also enable protection of a wireless network by alerting the wireless network administrator in case of a security breach.
A Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button connects the adapter to a wireless network at the touch of the button.
In addition, a wireless network cannot really function as a switch--every machine on the network (and any device in radio range) can see every transmission.
In addition to establishing a wireless network in a remote location, the Mobile WLAN can be used as a temporary wireless network for special events, such as athletic tournaments.
Because you don't have to run cables to every classroom, it's cheaper to deploy a wireless network than an old-fashioned wired network.
In the peer-to-peer setup, several computers--each equipped with a wireless network interface card--can communicate directly with other wireless enabled computers.
You also will need to install in each computer, printer and peripheral a wireless network interface card (NLC), which contains a transmitter and antenna to send and receive signals from an access point.
The technology is mature, inexpensive and the most widely deployed, Many new laptops and higher-end PDAs come equipped with built-in 802.11b support, making it possible to connect to the Internet or a computer network within range of an access point or "hotspot." Two familiar examples of 802.11b technology include a wireless network in a home or office, and the wireless hot spots at a local hotel, restaurant or coffee shop.
Prices for both the broadband modem hardware and subscriptions have dropped, as has the price of building a wireless network, making shared broadband affordable for more businesses.
To whip up a wireless LAN, you'll need to buy a wireless network access point, which connects to your network switch or gateway router and ties your card-carrying 802.11 devices together as a network.
"We're excited about using InPhonic's technology to bring our membership together on a wireless network and to be able to offer real estate agents, their families and their clients the best available wireless deals from top name carriers and manufacturers."
(Nasdaq:NANO) has introduced a wireless network configuration version of its NanoNet technology.
Thanks to the speedy pace of technology, a student or faculty member can now get a laptop or PDA that can access a wireless network. Even some cell phones can tap into network resources.