a window of opportunity

window of opportunity

A short or limited period of time in which one has a favorable opportunity to do, obtain, or accomplish something. The summit offers a window of opportunity for the two countries to reach a peace agreement. Some fear we may have already missed our window of opportunity to get the development plan approved by the city.
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a ˌwindow of opporˈtunity

a limited period of time when you can do something that you want to do or need to do: The government’s difficulties provided the opposition with a window of opportunity to present an alternative policy to the voters.
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window of opportunity, a

A short time in which to accomplish something. This usage became popular during the years of the arms race between the Western and Communist powers, when it referred specifically to a chance for attacking. By about 1980 it had been extended to other narrow chances. Thus the London Sunday Times used it on June 16, 1985, “Regional bank bosses know that they must rush to acquire their neighbours, to make the most of their window of opportunity.” It is rapidly becoming a cliché.
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Thus, taxpayers willing to brave these somewhat unchartered waters may have a window of opportunity until the proposed Sec.