a (whole) raft of (something)

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a (whole) raft of (something)

A very large number or collection of people or things. While this scandal was certainly the final nail in his coffin, the candidate had a whole raft of campaign issues that made his election problematic. While it's been receiving positive reviews from critics, there's a raft of fans of the series who are upset with the way the film turned out.
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a whole raft of

COMMON A whole raft of people or things is a large number of them. This is likely to affect a whole raft of consumer industries. Under Lord Cornwallis, a whole raft of legislation was brought in.
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a (whole) raft of —

a large collection of something.
Raft here is an alteration of a dialect word raff , meaning ‘a great quantity’.
1998 Housing Agenda Since the election of Labour last May, the social inclusion agenda has come to span a whole raft of Government initiatives.
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On-the-move eating has become a significant part of modern diets; in the past, such products were limited to cold snacks, such as crisps and confectionery, but today a whole raft of hot-eating snacks exists.
The specification's ability to meet cost/performance needs for a whole raft of applications will be a significant factor in its adoption.