a whole lot of (something)

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a whole lot

To a very great degree or extent; a lot. The kids enjoyed the show a whole lot. We'd be able to get this done a whole lot faster if the boss wasn't constantly interrupting us. I guess we're putting an offer in on this house because Maureen likes it a whole lot.
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a whole lot of (something)

A large amount of something; a lot of something. There are still a whole lot of issues plaguing the operating system that we need to figure out before it's released next month. Tom, there's a whole lot of angry customers downstairs who are demanding their money back. I've been examining these documents for over an hour, and there's still a whole lot of them to get through!
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a ˈwhole lot (of something)

(informal) a large number or amount: There were a whole lot of people I didn’t know.
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a ˈwhole lot

(informal) very much; a lot: I’m feeling a whole lot better.
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After all, it takes a whole lot of money to design, engineer, validate, produce, distribute, and promote motor vehicles.
You usually dc a whole lot of the giving, so you might be surprised to see that your buds are happy to let you do some of the taking for once!
"It didn't have a whole lot of legs back then, but it's really become pretty popular," said Morris of the video, which has racked up more than 3,500 views.
There is a whole lot of information in it that refers to issues beyond those that have received national and local district attention."