a whole lot

a ˈwhole lot (of something)

(informal) a large number or amount: There were a whole lot of people I didn’t know.
See also: lot, whole

a ˈwhole lot

(informal) very much; a lot: I’m feeling a whole lot better.
See also: lot, whole
References in classic literature ?
means that he was a proper doctor and knew a whole lot.
I've ben to the library a whole lot, but most of the books I've tackled have ben over my head.
He's put away a whole lot of cleverer and better men than him.
If he is, and spouts a whole lot of that bone-dry stuff about the ancient Mayan civilization and their antiquities, with side lights on how the old-time Indians used to scalp their enemies, I'm going to the moving pictures
I guess my worst adventure was two years ago when a whole lot of us were coasting on Uncle Rogers hill.
Well, he had escaped love so far, just as he had escaped smallpox; yet there it was, as contagious as smallpox, and a whole lot worse in running its course.
I might have seen and healthily enjoyed a whole lot more of the Bonin Islands, if I had done what I ought to have done.
Say, bein' married is a whole lot more than it's cracked up to be by most married folks.
Dickon's got a whole lot of 'em planted in our bit o' garden.
He's a whole lot of me now, an' sellin' him would be like sellin' a piece of myself.
And then there was a whole lot of talk 'bout drag- ging the river for us, and 'bout having the funeral Sunday, and then you and old Miss Harper hugged and cried, and she went.
There was a whole lot of them coasting before the moon set," she said.
And when I had got everything jammed in somehow, and my landlady and her maid had both sat on it while I locked it, I discovered I had packed a whole lot of things I wanted for Convocation at the very bottom.
Maybe you think I'm goin' ter stand 'round an' hear a whole LOT o' women call me a beggar, instead of jest ONE
Perry's experiments in the manufacture of gunpowder and the fashioning of rifles had not progressed as rapidly as we had hoped--there was a whole lot about these two arts which Perry didn't know.