a whole lot

a whole lot

To a very great degree or extent; a lot. The kids enjoyed the show a whole lot. We'd be able to get this done a whole lot faster if the boss wasn't constantly interrupting us.
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a whole lot of (something)

A large amount of something; a lot of something. There are still a whole lot of issues plaguing the operating system that we need to figure out before it's released next month.
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a ˈwhole lot (of something)

(informal) a large number or amount: There were a whole lot of people I didn’t know.
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a ˈwhole lot

(informal) very much; a lot: I’m feeling a whole lot better.
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"It didn't have a whole lot of legs back then, but it's really become pretty popular," said Morris of the video, which has racked up more than 3,500 views.
The cure for loneliness is staying active, reaching out to others and realizing the world is a whole lot bigger than the number of kids in your classes.
There is a whole lot of information in it that refers to issues beyond those that have received national and local district attention."
After all, it takes a whole lot of money to design, engineer, validate, produce, distribute, and promote motor vehicles.
It was a group of real nerds, but they wrote poetry to one another and talked about assassination conspiracies, which was a whole lot more exciting than my classmates' intense discussions of poodle skirts versus wraparounds.
You usually dc a whole lot of the giving, so you might be surprised to see that your buds are happy to let you do some of the taking for once!
The world will look a whole lot brighter right away.