a whale of a (something)

a whale of a (something)

1. An exceptionally great or excellent. I had a whale of a time at Pete's wedding—I danced all night long! Come out to our party this weekend, it's sure to be a whale of a good time! Gee, Samantha, I sure had a whale of a night with you at the dance. We should go out again sometime!
2. An exceptionally large. Remodeling the kitchen will make a whale of a difference in the selling price of the home. I really think we should play the lottery—it's a whale of a jackpot this week! That's a whale of a leak you've got there, so a fix won't come cheap.
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a whale of a —

an extremely good example of a particular thing. informal
1993 Chicago Tribune This stuffed-shirt epitome of the East Coast Establishment of his day had a whale of a time at Chicago's World's Fair.
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1. n. a very fat person. (Cruel.) Britney is getting to be such a whale.
2. n. a drunkard; a person with an enormous capacity for liquor. Arthur is getting to be a regular whale. What does he drink?
3. n. a high roller in a casino or similar gambling setting. We take good care of our whales, comping them with anything they ask for.
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