a volte-face


A complete change of opinion or belief. The phrase comes from the Italian term voltafaccia. Everyone was surprised when the candidate made a complete volte-face on her stance on taxes.

a volte-ˈface

(from French, formal) a complete change of opinion or plan: This represents a volte-face in government policy.This is a French adaptation of an Italian phrase and refers to turning to face the opposite direction.
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in Football way short of a commitment to but a volte-face would be extraordinary.
Tyagi said Monday that it is the habit of the BJP to first create communal flare ups through their speeches, and then do a volte-face to get into the public's mind space.
And the 21-year-old's words seem to underline the surprising maturity he has shown throughout the competition, a volte-face from moody to magnificent Mario.
Hills, who yesterday morning went 4-7 about Tevez not playing in the Premier League again for City this season, later did a volte-face about the revolting face and now go 4-7 that he will.
Speaking to the media, Vijayan said that the entire episode of the CPM apparently doing a volte-face was a media creation.
Local government minister David Miliband said people should be absolutely clear the decision to delay the plans until after the next General Election was a volte-face.