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Crown Vic

A colloquial name for the Ford Crown Victoria, a model of sedan manufactured by Ford from 1992–2011. Often used in reference to police interceptors that were made from this model of car. My first car in high school was a 1995 Crown Vic. Man, I loved that thing. I'll never forget seeing my brother taken away by the cops in the back of a Crown Vic.
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slang A victim, especially of a crime. During his interview with police, the vic said that the person who mugged him had been dressed like Superman. Paramedics tried their best to revive the vic, but she died at the scene of the accident.
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1. n. a victim. (see also vivor.) We’re all vics, but we all keep going.
2. n. a convict. We try to give the vics a chance at employment where they won’t be treated badly.
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