a track record

track record

A history of someone's or something's performance, often cited as a predictor of how they will perform in the future. The mayor brought in the new police chief because he has a strong track record of reducing crime in inner-city neighborhoods. The company had an almost perfect track record before the scandal, which made it even more shocking.
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a track record

COMMON The track record of a person, company, or product is the reputation they have, based on what they have done or how good they have been in the past. He joined the BBC as a trainee and quickly developed a track record as an inventive programme maker. Glasgow Museums and Galleries have a proven track record of attracting very large audiences. The region is known to have a poor track record in research. Note: An athlete's track record is a record of the performances he or she has achieved.
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a ˌtrack ˈrecord

all a person’s or an organization’s successes or failures in the past: In business your track record is more important than your qualifications.
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The ratings also factored in the cyclical nature of its industry, which means volatile operating cash flow and a track record of limited financial flexibility.
* When hiring a salesperson, look for product knowledge, a track record of proven sales results in the business-to-business environment, a good personality, a strong work ethic, contacts in the target market, patience, flexibility and the ability to train and coach others.